My Radical Dreamers review from 2008!


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Radical Dreamers - 10/10
June 8th, 2008

Note: This was a very old review I did, so please excuse the bad grammar and spelling, also any corrections are welcome.

The statement about it being better than current download-able content was made around the time when only X-box 360 was out, and there was only puzzle games in the X-box 360 arcade.

In any case, I still feel that this is a timeless classic and deserves every bit of the perfect 10/10 rating it got.
Okay, so its just a super chose your own adventure book, but its still awesome.
the first thing you need to know is that this game was download-able content on the SNES, so its not Halo or Final Fantasy X, but it is way better than the stuff the currently got as download-able content. that’s for sure! You really have to experience this game when you’re alone in a dark quite room at night, or a good bit of the feel is lost.

The lead is Serge, and the two main sidekicks are Kid and Magil.
the three form a group of theifs called the Radical Dreamers.
18.08333396911621px; background-color: rgb(235, 217, 211);">Serge’s personality and choices are all controlled by the player, so you get to say how you want him to be most of the time. He can be a big wussy, or a master thief depending on the choices you make.
Kid is a hot-headed young girl who hates the antagonist of the game with a passion. the reasons why are explained in the game, so I won’t spoil them here.
Magil is s skillful mage who can turn into a shadow at will among other things. He is shown to be quite cold, but can make a joke every now and than.

The setting of the game is really awesome. it takes place in a big mansion full of traps and monsters and stuff, but you also go out into the forest surrounding the mansion also. Every room in the mansion is unique, and has an atmosphere of it’s own.

As for the story, Serge, Kid, and Magil are a group of theifs known as the Radical Dreamers, and they are trying to steal the unstealable jewel called “the Frozen Flame.” The game starts of with them getting some info and they manage to break the magical shield surrounding the mansion, than they begin to explore the place and hurt for the flame, but that’s only the start.

The music is really good. its top tier SNES and could hold its own on the GBA, and PSX. the slow creepy music also really adds to the setting of the game.

The gameplay is all text based, so if you arnt into text based games you wont like this very much, but if you like RPGs or reading than you should really check this game out.


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Sounds amazing. I feel the same way about Live a Life.
I say the 2nd sentence because you mentioned Radical Dreamers in my thread where I gushed praise on Live a Life.


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I never played this, but I knew about it. I didn't know it was for the SNES, maybe I'll give it a try sometime.
I wish this franchise wasn't dead.