My Smash Bros. Character Recommendations

Hello, let me start by saying that I am new to this forum, but not to gaming or mod making. I have played every Smash Bros game since the original as a child with the n64 being my first actual home console. I know this post won't make any difference to what characters are added through DLC or whatever, but here are some characters I think would be really cool to add in

1. Brian: The hero from Quest 64 - Quest 64 was a great game for any RPG fan, adding him to the roster wielding his wooden staff and using elemental magic would be so awesome! His final smash could be something like combining the elements in one big attack like the pokemon trainer

2. Squall Leonhart: The hero from Final Fantasy 8 - I know FF8 was only for the PSX and PC, but I think Squall would make the perfect counterpart to Cloud. Many people think Sephiroth would be good, but he would be more like the evil counterpart where Squall would be the good counterpart like Richter and Simon. Cloud is probably my favorite character to fight with - that would probably change if they added Squall in though :)

3. Glover: This lil guy would make a great addition to the Smash Bros. team - I loved playing this game as a kid and as an adult. The game was challenging and something about the artwork and the way the levels were set up really kept me wanting to explore more. He could be like a mini master hand fighter and use his "balls" for ranged attacks.

4. Turok: I remember raging at this game hard when I was young, but I also had tons of fun killing stuff and figuring out what to do. I think Turok would be a cool character to add in the roster because he is a genuine badass. *Yoshi hides*


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I know is not a Nintendo game but i
Would add Qbert to smash Bros and pitfall Harry from the Atari days.


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Quest 64 sucked. Even more so when you consider what RPGs were coming out on PSX. I honestly don’t know of a single person irl who enjoyed Quest 64.
Emi (from Fighting Vipers)
Deku (from Fighters Megamix)
Amingo (from MvC2)
Servbot (from MvC2)
Rent a Hero
Darth Vader
Doctor Doom

And the two chicks, I mentioned in my post above, from last year.
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