Name something good about the bad game above you

Simply, a user will say something positive about the game above them. However you must choose a game that's considered bad!

So say something good and then name a game for the user below, I'll start.

Sonic 06
It was actually a fun game, ignore the people who say "hurr durr not a reel stairfax gaem!!1!". Judge it for what it is, and to me it was fun.

Superman 64
I actually KIND of like Doom 3. There were always jumpscares and a bit of horror in Doom and Doom 3 decided to embrace that. Doom 64 especially played up that up with it's atmosphere, so in a way Doom 3 feels like a sequel/spiritual successor to Doom 64 and did that well.

And on the note of horror...

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within. Or if you haven't played that... Night Trap.
Sonic 06 was shit, but there were positives.

It had a great soundtrack and the graphics were extremely beautiful.

Shrek Extra Large
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