Nano Assault Neo: The nature documentary


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I'm having tonnes of fun with this game, even if i am rubbish at it. Considering it was cheaper than a movie ticket, the fact that it only has 16 levels seems inconsequential. What's there is great, and it's always good to support the talented devs that really try.

I also thought it would be a bit of fun to strap on my best, mediocre David Attenborough accent, and build a backstory/review of the game under the guise of a documentary:

Incidentally water bears are real, pretty much transparent, and are all but immortal (they've survived being exposed to open space, being frozen to near absolute zero, and being dessicated). Also, they're probably in that glass of water you're drinking...

Kill them all!


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You have such a goddamn cool voice. You sound like you could be one of those scientists in Half Life 2.