Need For Speed Most Wanted Wii U vs Xbox 360


Wii U:


Wii U;

All of these images were taken from Youtube videos.
What do you think? It's clear that the PC assets are on the Wii U version with better textures and lighting :D


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With the caveat of Youtube quality and compressing the image quality...if those hold up? Yowzah. Much better lighting and texture quality. If it all holds up and it's not bullshots*. Good evidence that Criterion wasn't just being complimentary with the Wii U "punching above its weight."
(...again, if
it all holds up, visually, with these shots.)
Regardless, day one. I gotta say that I'm actually more hyped for this than I was for any Wii U launch game, mainly because I haven't gotten big into racing titles since the original NFS:U and GT4.
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Not bullshots, these are directly from the game, compressed for youtube. I told you he wasn't just marketing. Both versions look a little better than their respective screenshots in person obviously. You guys are going to want to lick your GamePad's and HDTV's once you see the U version in person.
So is this due to superior hardware or more time invested/different software?Because even though these are compressed YouTube images, they're freaking beautiful.


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This is hardware. You're comparing a console which is at the end of its lifecycle, which has seen massive investment in optimisation, against entirely new hardware with very little development.

Perfect dark zero:

Halo 4:
Did anyone actually doubt that Wii U version of this game wouldn't be the best console version after all the facts that were revealed.

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youtube screens for comparison shots? really?
there's got to be some real screenshots out there...
We are aware that those are Youtube screenshots, obviously in your HDTV they'll look better. But you can see the difference even if the they're blurry.