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Because @Juegos asked me to and I wanted to do it.

Past Nintendo consoles have often been criticized for the lack of variety in their libraries. For instance, name me at least 15 shmups, visual novels, or 2D fighters on the N64, GameCube, Wii, or Wii U. Indies are great at providing games with lots of varieties. Pair a console with a variety of indie developers and you get a variety of games. The Switch in its first year already has a large library of fighters, shmups, visual novels, arcade shooters as well as more to come. In addition to that, Nintendo's eagerness to see more mature content on their console has caused developers who's games would have been previously niche on Nintendo systems to create content at the request of Nintendo themselves, hence why visual novels, a genre that is known to push boundaries (go to VN Database and look at some of their genres) and to have previously been on every platform besides Nintendo's (with a couple of exceptions on DS like the Higurashi games, a couple of otome games, Phoenix Wright, and 999), are making a strong appearance on Switch, especially in Japan.

2064: Read Only Memories: Ignoring the awful voice acting in the trailer, the game looks like a tribute to Kojima's cyberpunk titles. I could get it on PS4, but I'm holding off to support it on Switch.

80's Overdrive: Imagine F-Zero with the aesthetics of vaporwave, and you have this. I haven't tried it since I gave my 3DS to my brother, but it's also on Switch so that helps. I absolutely love this sort of art direction so this game is up my alley. Also, it has cop chases.
Aka to Blue: Type S: It's a bullet hell shooter with a really cool art style and a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics. Since Apple essentially purged 32-bit games on iOS 11 in what was essentially the equivalent to Stalin's purges in electronic form, it's great to see that the developers are expanding their mobile platforms.

Aokana: Four Rhythm Across The Blue: It's a visual novel about anti-gravity performers and people fuck. Nintendo's stalwart effort to get more mature content onto the Switch seems to be paying off. However, it's worth noting that the console ports are probably really censored since they got a C rating in Japan, whereas the PC version features pornographic content.

Axiom Verge: A game that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the Metroid series while also providing a similar gameplay experience. The game has received tons of critical acclaim and not enough is said about Metroidvania games that actually capture the Metroid atmosphere.

Blaster Master Zero: I haven't played it, but god damn is the soundtrack amazing. Also, get it on Switch instead of 3DS if you have the option, since the 3DS port is limited to 30 FPS.

Bulb Boy: It's a side scrolling horror comedy puzzle game with really good art direction and pretty cool visual tricks (shadow casting lights everywhere)

Celeste: Since the game is getting rave reviews, I basically had no choice but to put it here. It's a sprite based precision obstacle platformer in the vein of The End is Nigh and Super Meat Boy (also on Switch).

Danmaku Unlimited 3: A beautiful mobile 60 FPS shmup with great artwork that's getting a Switch port. Now if only we could get Crimzon Clover.

Dead Cells: It's a 2D Metroidvania platformer roguelike game with Souls-like combat and a grimdark atmosphere. For my money, it's better than Hollow Knight due to the art direction and grimdarkness.

Earth Atlantis: Imagine a side scrolling shoot em up that has a sketch art style and is multi directional. You have Earth Atlantis, a game I plan on trying out soon but is quite pricy at $15.

Fast RMX: A year later and this is still a premier technical showcase for the Switch, with it featuring an extensive post processing pipeline, retooled atmospheric scattering, refractions, high quality per object motion blur, physically based materials with fresnel calculations and energy conservation (basically means specular highlights look "right"), refractions, local reflections, soft shadows, light bounce, weather effects, and SSAO, among other things, running at 60 FPS and native resolution (dynamic in multiplayer) on both docked and portable mode. It's a generation ahead of the screen space effect filled, 640x720p resolution Wii U version, and even without AA (I hope Shin'en uses a temporal solution for their next game), it still looks infinitely cleaner.

Also, Shin'en, please make an old school style FPS game.

forma.8: This sort of reminds me of Pixeljunk. I like it.

Furi: It's a fast paced top down boss rush shooter with hack n' slash combat. It's also a showcase for great looking 60 FPS Switch games that aren't Wii U ports. Also, it's brutally hard.

Gunbird: Currently removed from the eShop. If I recall correctly, it's based on the Japanese version as opposed to Mobie Light Force. Hopefully, they bring it back, because the game is a great bullet hell title.

Guns, Gore, & Cannoli: It has a pretty basic "flash game" looking art style, but it's a really fun side scrolling shooter featuring Italian stereotypes killing zombies. It's also getting a sequel that looks even better. This game is proof that we can still have political incorrectness in our games and get away with it too.

Morphies Law: A play on the term Murphy's Law and a competitive 3rd person shooter where you shoot specific body parts on your opponent to make yours bigger or get shot to become smaller, with them offering you alternative paths on the map. It looks pretty amusing. It's also being made with Unreal Engine 4.

Mr. Shifty: It's like Hotline Miami with 3D graphics, no gore, and superpowers. The game looks fun as hell.

Old Man's Journey: Great music, amazing art direction,

Oxenfree: It's a young adult novel turned into an adventure game with great art direction. It involves a cast stranded on an island with supernatural elements and a lot of atmosphere. The trailer is really good at selling the game, so I'll pick it up based off that.

Shakedown: Hawaii: Also known as an open world rendition of late stage capitalism. It's a follow up to Retro City Rampage, a game that has been pretty much ported to everything that exists short of Doom, and it also looks fun as hell. It's a GTA style sandbox game, city builder, business simulator, and shoot em' up.

The End is Nigh: I'm not technically sure if it's independent since it has a publisher [Nicalis], but considering it's a one man game and Nicalis is traditionally the first to publish previously independent games, I count it. It has the same style of humor going for it as Super Meat Boy and it's brutally hard, but it also has a greater emphasis on exploration.

The Mummy Demastered: The best thing to come out of that awful The Mummy reboot. It's a 2D Metroidvania title from WayForward, with impeccable art direction, smooth performance, and Metroidvania style gameplay that seems to have been nailed harder than even Samus Returns on 3DS.

If you want to highlight any more, post them.
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Morphie' Law will be a Day 1 game for me. I love that shooter games are starting to have some sort of balancing mechanism built in. It's gonna need gyro aiming though.

Tuesday Night TNE when this releases!


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Morphie' Law will be a Day 1 game for me. I love that shooter games are starting to have some sort of balancing mechanism built in. It's gonna need gyro aiming though.

Tuesday Night TNE when this releases!
There's something really elegant about fart jetpacks.


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Holy hell, how could I forget about Outlast? Buy it! I played it years ago on PS4.Not only is it extremely well optimized, but it's fucking terrifying; up there with the Silent Hill PT demo.

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(Sorry for) MEGA-BUMP

I don't even own a Switch, but I noted down some (n)indies that looked interesting to me:

Hollow knight
Overcooked special edition
Pocket Rumble
Lovers In a Dangerous Space Time
Sociable Soccer
Next Penelope
A Night in the Woods
At sundown
Little Triangle
Subsurface Circular (guy who did Thomas Was Alone)
Mantis Burn Racing

I have Fast Racing Neo on Wii U and found it to be a shallow game. Not my cup of tea. At least they did something to try 'n fill the gap.
For something more F-Zero like, the first non-Nintendo futuristic racer I've seen like that (others are more akin to WipeOut): It's on PC though.

I think indies are awesome. Putting the art back into video games, and I don't mean that in a hipster kind of way. Nintendo still needs to improve big studio support however, for mass appeal/ being a legit one-console ownership option. Some expertly done ports on Switch, but the hardware is still limiting.
Outlast is just beautiful ... morbid, scary, but beautiful, the game itself is very successful, no bugs (on ps4), the graphics are very neat and the scenario is really not bad at all , the soundtrack is adapted ... excellent game.

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The second game in particular is a technical marvel that borders on pure wizardry. It really doesn't get enough credit.