[NINTENDO] Can browse Miiverse on Vita, not on 3DS!


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http://www.destructoid.com/you-can-t-view-miiverse-on-wii-u-or-3ds-browsers-252449.phtmlThis made my day. I'm really only linking this for the top two comments:

Steven Hansen Mod • 20 hours ago
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You can view it on your PlayStation Vita web browser, though.

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Sony's answer to saving the Vita- making it support 3DS stuff. Could work, I suppose... :p
Lol, well really though, if it could run on the 3DS's browser it wouldn't really need to bother with the App they are working on. Still it's a bit funny.
Yea the 3DS browser is disappointing. It runs about as good as Mobile Web browsers before smartphones. I was expecting it to at least work as good as the Wii's web browser. Maybe they can upgrade it with an update? Either or, when Miiverse is introduced on 3DS you won't need the web browser because it'll work just like WiiU (hoping so anyway).