Nintendo Enthusiast Wiki/Game Profiles

As a suggestion, due to the amount of users we have on here and potential users we could and will have on here, I think it would be a great idea to have an official Nintendo Enthusiast Wiki someone where on this site. (Perhaps it can be fully editable by registered users with a certain amount of posts or rank)

Within the Wiki would be a sub-category of game profiles. The game profiles would essentially consist of information, pictures, and videos, and latest news from the game. There should also be a way to subscribe to or follow the game profile. We could also add a system where subscribing to a game profile can add the game to a list of games you want or own in your profile. Moreover, the wiki wouldn't only host stuff about games, but would also host system profiles.

Additionally, for editors, having a wiki along with game profiles would help with posting the news. Posting insignificant videos, screenshots, etc would no longer have to go in the "Mini News" section, but can instead be sorted into the corresponding profile in the Wiki.

This wiki doesn't have to be restricted to Nintendo content though and would probably be more practical to put it on The Gaming Enthusiast.
I'll also use this double post to bring up another board issue.

Apparently this forum isn't recognizing newly created threads on the front page as new posts. Whenever I or someone else creates a new thread, I don't see it bolded in blue, nor does it show up on the front page. This often causes the thread to be overlooked if it's not posted it.