Nintendo Fan-Art


Any artists who want to show off their Nintendo fan-art can do so right here in this thread. Or if you find some nice fan-art on the web that you want to share, you can also post it here. And that's exactly what I'll do.

I used to draw all the time. If I had a scanner I'd upload the stuff I still have. Or if my old laptop hadn't crapped out I'd still have my clumsy photoshop stuff. Maybe I'll take some pics with my phone & upload those, but it's not as impressive as the stuff already posted.


That old bloke from Crete...
The pics only emphasise the fact that we need Mario Paint, Colours or art Academy software urgently. The gamepad is perfect for art titles, and having seen the stunning images people have made using the Colours 3D program on the 3DS, I can only imagine what skilled use of a fully featured art package on the Wii U will spawn.

OT but anyone who hasn't been to the Colors 3D website and marvelled should do so, it is inspiring.