Nintendo Selling Off Seattle Mariners

While this isn't exactly crucial or important, it does make me wonder. What was the purpose? Some speculate it's due to recent financial trouble and the Big N just wanted to make a quick buck. What do you guys think about it? I actually made a small video discussing it here


Money sink they should have dumped a while ago. To make a quick buck, I mean the money they made isnt much so I find that a bit of a reach. It is a cost-cutting measure to save them money in the future, and they are in a place where they need to be more efficient.


It's about refocusing the company.... And the Mariners aren't a part of the new direction Nintendo is going in....

Things like these new Universal Nintendo theme parks are what they are investing in now in terms of outside ventures....

Like Fried said.... They should have dumped the Mariners a long time ago....


Ash nazg durbatulûk
As someone from the Seattle area and a Nintendo fanboy it sucks for me. I deeply appreciate Hiroshi Yamauchi saving the team when it looked like it might move away and I'll admit it, despite the recent bad seasons it was pretty awesome to have my favorite company own my favorite team.