Nintendo stock jumped 700 yen to 15,020+ yen per share today|Edit: Due to China console ban lift


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Nobody knows why it happened, hopefully we should soon. If we do I'll update this post!

Edit 1: People are confirming that this is because of the Chinese console ban lift.

Edit 2: Nintendo just jumped another 600 yen in the last hour or so. Their market cap is now at 2.02 Trillion yen.


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There was also that rumor not so long ago about Nintendo of America working on an educational tablet (which sounded exciting to me). Introducing an educational tablet for use in Chinese classrooms could be Nintendo's way of quickly forming a large playerbase in China. I know it's a long shot, but I'm just throwing it out there.


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That wasnt true it seems. @juegosmajicos

Anyway Nintendo already has an in with their Ique company.

I think they'll bring the Wii MIni and the WiiU over to China and say they're the Nintendo experience that the chinese finally can enjoy, in an inexpensive and premium format in the form of the Wii and WIiU


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That's a strangely large bounce for a simple easing of restrictions that may not result in a lot of console or handheld sales. Fickle stock market is fickle.


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Nintendo is sitting in a great position to capitalize on this. They could make a killing selling the very affordable Wii over in China. Eventually moving on to the Wii U, but since China is still a lower income country, it makes sense to get the most affordable product on store shelves.


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I think Nintendo will have a much more desirable effect if they can present the Wii Mini and the WiiU as two seperate experiences.

Unexpensive and premium.

Then they throw heavy hitting software from all angles and seek out what the chinese like


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I truly believe that the lift of the China ban can only mean good things for Nintendo.

It will take some careful planning and cannot be done overnight, but getting the WiiU into the Chinese market could be the thing to greatly change the fortunes of Nintendo's newest console. Compared to the game library of Sony/Microsoft, Nintendo is more in line to pass the "tests" set forth by the Chinese Minister of Culture.

If they do enter the market, I'm quite curious to see how many consoles they sell. (My guess is that the Chinese market could rival the Japanese market in terms of sales.)


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Err are you smoking something^

The chinese middle market is ravenous.
They buy shit out the ass.

Like I said. Nintendo should release a Wii Mini and a WiiU. present WiiU as the premium option