Nintendo Switch - Official Thread


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The single player portion of MHW is still better than 99% of other single-player games on the market (the remaining 1% reserved for Mario and Zelda, and maybe stuff like The Witcher 3). The single player portion of MHW is a 100 hour game on its own.
I love MH, and I played quite a lot of MH4U singleplayer, but...there are probably quite a few games I'd toss ahead of it to play offline. Replaying Super, or getting around to those DS Castlevanias, or starting up a JPRG like P4G, or digging into my Vanillaware backlog, or playing Bayonetta on a higher difficulty, or replaying ALBW, etc....those are probably all ahead of grinding alone in MH for me. The camaraderie and teamwork against the monster AI is what makes MH special, to my way of thinking.

Better than, I dunno...90% of other offline games? I can probably go there. :p


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I decided to read/watch the IGN review for Nintendo Labo Variety Kit after seeing the 6.9 score. A 6 point anything at IGN is like a condemnation of a product so I had to see what was wrong.

IGN gave Nintendo Labo a 6.9. "It's too tedious for adults." Get outta here.

"The piano makes you teeeeediously recreate 13 similar keys" ooooh noooes

Fishing, "Once you've caught one fish, you've basically caught them all." Tell that to the Animal Crossing fans...

"The Toy-Con piano feels a lot more like a musical instrument than a game." Well then...

Ok, those are enough to tell me that their reviewer is clueless and completely misses the point. It's like a Gamestop manager wearing an Xbox shirt 10 years ago reviewed this thing.
- Mr. Kimishima sees his successor as someone good at building consensus among all employees rather than relying on a few ''geniuses''
- had been eyeing Mr. Furukawa for years as a future CEO
- Mr. Furukawa on Nintendo: ''should focus on things that only we can provide. Otherwise Nintendo would lose a reason to exist''
- Mr. Furukawa has often briefed investors and analysts about the company’s financial results
- while he hasn’t developed game consoles and software himself, people who know him said he is an enthusiastic game player
- Mr. Furukawa said a recent favorite is ''Golf Story,'' a role-playing sports adventure game developed by a small studio in Australia
- ''I have to ask him many numbers-related questions, but there have been so many times in the past when I ended up spending so much time chatting about games.'' - Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute
- Mr. Kimishima said he would remain at Nintendo as an adviser and assist the new CEO along with Shigeru Miyamoto
- Mr. Kimishima said it was getting difficult for him to fly around due to his age
- better-than-expected sales momentum of the Switch console made him decide it was time to pass the baton
- Mr. Furukawa said he hoped to bring the Switch to a wider audience and pointed to Nintendo Labo
- also said he wants to turn smartphone games into a revenue pillar for the company
- Kimishima said stay tuned for many unannounced titles for the Switch


"A nice guy, but looks like a f'n Jedi!"
Well, after playing a couple rounds of Morphies Law I can't suggest it yet. The netcode is pretty unstable (mostly while butt-rocketing...which is a thing in this game) Playing against bots is pretty fun, however. I'm only a few levels in but apparently you can eventually create new guns and such. There is no reload on my current weapon (which kinda bothers me for some reason.)

One of the more entertaining actions involved me almost rocketing myself off a level when my legs/butt were huge which was pretty wild. I can see a lot of fun matches coming up and some off the wall tactics. Still...not a must buy with a game like Paladins staring down the barrel at us.

That being said, there is a patch that has been submitted to Nintendo and the devs are being very responsive to players. I live for these sort of off-the-wall games that put ideas/aesthetics over polish. I do believe a 10 dollar entry fee would be more appropriate than 20 at this point due to the lack of polish.