Nintendo Switch Prototype Game Cartridge Case

Hi, I'm a new user and I've been working on a small line of game case for the Switch and I could use some gamer feedback.
If any of you have a little free time would you mind taking a look at the first design and giving me your opinion?

I would like to know two things:

1. What are your thoughts on the design.
2. What would you change, if anything.

I've posted a short overview of this case on Youtube and here is the link

Thanks in advance


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Dude that is cool.
I was never a fan of brain designs, but that one is an exception. Very nice.

Suggestion: Painting some green colour on the brain, to give it a nuclear waste mutant ooze look, would be a good idea too.

Another good suggestion, is to make parts of the brain more grippable, where you can grip it and it doesn't slip out of a persons hand easily. But the one in the vid, doesn't look like it would slip out of a persons hands, so easily. So you can ignore this advice if you want. But overall, that is a really nice prototype.
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