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I know I have some level of OCD, although I believe everyone has it. It's more about what level of OCD you have, and I think you have a much higher level of OCD than others. That's not to say it's always a bad thing really.

I, too, have that same thing sometimes when posting photos, but then I realized that if people have little reason to check my photos out, they're not going to be interested in them in the first place. What I've done is just keep posting photos that I personally like, and if people like them, great and if not as many people look at them, I won't mind it. I took a myriad of photos when I was at the Isle of Man TT races last year, and I spent dozens of hours cropping, deleting, editing, and adding in information about each photo I posted. How many people have realisitcally seen them? Only a handful, but that's ok. I'm not here to win style points among people.

If I get even one person who enjoys what I do, and wants it to continue, that's motivation enough to continue with it, whether it be friends and family, or even complete strangers.


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Also, I can't touch my face after using gym equipment unless I wash my hands.

Speaking of hand washing, I took three breaks just to do precisely that.


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we all act normal in public, but we're all fucked up in private. i'm an alcoholic socioopath. WHO KNEW!?

it's all good dude. people only started freaking out over these disorders when other crazy people started naming them. just be yourself. you're not mentally ill if you're mentally chill.


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