Obscure and great game: Airport Hero Hawaii


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Recently I found this game out on 3DS eShop: Airport Hero Hawaii

It's sort of obscure, came from nowhere and I've downloaded its demo thinking that it'd be a poor or very simple game. 10 hours later I realised that I was playing a demo game for 10 hours!!! Now I'm just addicted. I've never played a demo for that long, I bought the game for $10 and now I've got more than 20 hours playing it. That's why I'm sharing this here.

It's "tycoon-type" game for airport and it's an extraordinary title for those who like this kind of game or even for those that never played a game like this. There are a lot of stages where you control an airport, sending messages to departing and landing air planes. For each stage you got a mark when you get through it, the perfect is "S", and I can't help playing a stage until I get a "S". :D

And you. Do you have any obscure and good titles to share?


Oooo good idea for a thread. Also I think I've heard of that or something like it before, good to know it's brill.

First one that springs to mind for me is Mischief Makers on the N64. Made by then known as Enix, it's a 2D Platformer where you play as a robot maid with a shake mechanic that you can interact the levels with. I just loved this as a kid. Music, graphics, gameplay, etc.... just captivated me in my youth.