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Too bad Wii online is dead...
Did you know that not all of it is dead? The non-Nintendo run servers still function. I have some friends that still play Goldeneye. Haven't tested it but someone told be the Activition titles are all still functional.

I'm glad to see people are still playing. I prefer the Treyarch games over Infinity Ward's.

I don't expect to be on tonight as I have other gaming plans, but I'll be sure to look here when I do.


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Did we lose a bunch of posts from this thread? I know it's hardly the most active, but I swear we've had discussion in the last five months...

Also, I'm up for some BOWii on the weekend if anyone else is. I have a headbanger, but could also just Skype it.
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ET and I have BO, and may be up for spme matches. Post here if your going to play. I will be out of town this coming weekend, but I would definitely be game for some BO nastalgia in the near future.


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A few stray notes from last night...

-Almost 1,400 people still playing BO2. It's a launch port with a broken party system, and it still usually has 1,100 more players at any given time than Ghosts.

-I really don't like the layout of those maps, for the most part, but I do like how everything is just a touch brighter, overall.

-The programming for the Wiimote's bullet spray/spread is even more laughably wide after playing Ghosts for a bit.


-I really did miss ruining people's day with that hunter/killer drone.

-We're the only people I can think of who play COD, raining death upon the other team, while talking about how awesome Yoshi's Fruit Cart is.
I just finished moving and need to setup my Wii U, but would love to get in on some BLOPS action. Anyone interested in playing the zombie mode too?

I am available Thursday and Sunday this week.