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Hello! Some of you might know me as Greg Wiggleton, the guy behind ZaciSa's Last Stand, a tower defense game for the Wii U coming out relatively soon. But, I'm also a reviewer and feature writer for Nintendo Enthusiast when I get the chance.
About Me. Currently I am 28 and I grew up with Nintendo. I actually started out with a SNES and Gameboy early on. One of my favorite games has and will always be Zelda: LTTP. Though this game development is essentially just a hobby for me now, for my main 9-5/etc job, I'm a Web programmer. These days, I'm also a bit of a game collector. I actually have 23 unique consoles. That doesn't even include handhelds. I even have stuff like a Panasonic Q, Famicom & Famicom Disk System. You can see a good bit of my collection here:

Game Intro
ZaciSa’s Last Stand is a simple, yet challenging, 2D tower defense game set in space. The main concept is that you have to defend your base from an onslaught of enemy ships that seek to destroy you and your way of life. To do this, you will deploy different Bot weapons, such as a Sentry or Bomber to destroy them before they get to your base. The game will start out easy enough — at least in theory — with only something small, like twenty weak enemies. Every level you survive will result in more enemies with increasing strength. You gain points and money for every ship you destroy, as well as a nice bonus at the end of each round. You use this money to not only build more Bots, but also different kind of upgrades. Can you survive the slaughter?
You can find out more info here: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: normal;">
I plan to launch the game in North America (United States & Canada) for $2.99. The game has actually been submitted to Nintendo this morning actually. So if things go well in the lotcheck process, you might be able to play it in early to mid February. For those outside of North America, I do plan to release in Europe and elsewhere later on. Right now I am taking it one step at a time.
Right now, the game launches with 6 different and unique maps that allow you to try different strategies. I have built the game to be quite hard, so don't be surprised if you can't get past level 10. I did include an "Easy mode" that makes it slightly easier, but still quite challenging.
I plan to support the game post-launch with free new maps as well as possible new features, like maybe a challenge mode, or perhaps a "never ending" mode, etc. The first patch will also contain an update to enable online leaderboards. Sadly I didn't have enough time to implement those quite yet. I plan to get a patch in within a month release of the game.
Here is a new trailer I recently created:
Let me know what you think. I'll have a new Development Log update soon with my plans for launch and beyond, etc. If you haven't done so already, feel free to ready my last one:
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1. How difficult would you consider the game to be?
2. How long does the game last for someone playing it for the first time?
3. What are you anticipating for the game's reception in order to consider it a success?
4. If the game is a success, what are you considering for your next game on the system?
5. How do you plan on getting word out about the game and promoting it?
@Bloodix you work for the site!?! AND ARE A DEV!?! :O

We're the hell have I been #-o

haha, yeah. :)

1. How difficult would you consider the game to be?
2. How long does the game last for someone playing it for the first time?
3. What are you anticipating for the game's reception in order to consider it a success?
4. If the game is a success, what are you considering for your next game on the system?
5. How do you plan on getting word out about the game and promoting it?
1) Very challenging. I made it so that you actually have to be smart and plan ahead. Which is also why I made a Easy mode, that helps a little bit. Getting past level 10 is considered a huge challenge for most maps.
2) Given the arcade nature, prob a few minutes. But, so does Centipede, Pac-Man, etc. Game is designed to play over and over to beat your high score. But once you get the hang of it, the game will start to last quite a while, esp for levels 15+.
3) Hopefully for people to find it interesting and fun. That is my biggest hope, and I think will be the best chance for it to be a success.
4) Given the unique position I'm in, the game will very likely be a success early on. Since this is all in my free time, and I already have a full time job, my only limit to profit is the amount to buy our the dev kit, that's it. Everything else, included hours spent on the game, haven't cost me a cent. I'm actually starting to work on my 2nd game now actually. Right now, I am working on an internal level editor so I can make game levels easier. I will be making a simple physic-based puzzle game to test this level editor out and will likely have it out by late Spring/early Summer.
5) I plan to give the game to multiple outlets, esp Nintendo outlets to help review and get word of mouth out there. I also plan to hopefully do a few giveaways. I know I ant to do a few here through the site, if I get enough giveaway copies.
Well, it's a standard Tower Defense game, where you use resources (money) to build up your defenses.

Try looking at this actual gameplay video of the gamepad:
which shows how the game is controlled. (Though I don't highlight what I'm selecting, should be relatively clear) Should hopefully clear things up. I'll add this video to OP.
Actually, could an admin add that video to OP?
Here are some recent pictures of the Wii U Gamepad:

Hopefully this clears things up a little more. Or at least gives a look of what the view looks like on the Gamepad.


I've played many Tower Defense games so I didn't have any problem understanding how the game works. Although I can understand that for someone who has never played a tower defense game, seeing this for the first time wouldn't be as easy to understand as, say, Kingdom Rush.
That's true. I can see people being a little confused if they are unused to this type of strategy game that tends to be less about direct action, and more planing/watching/etc. (Though you can control the drones). When I get a chance, I'll do a little write up, on how the game works to hopefully make it a little clearer.
Work will actually begin on my second game tomorrow (Sunday). I just got done building an initial level editor so it will be tested out with this new game and make it much easier for me to make levels/design a game. (ZaciSa was done with pure code.)
P.S. fun fact: ZaciSa's Last Stand has 16,878 lines of code. (my own code that is)
Good stuff Bloodix, I'll keep a watch out for this when it comes to the UK/Europe.
What's your next game about? I'm intrigued you've started on another game all ready!


I hope we get a hint or two about your next game in this thread. Also, when do you find out from Nintendo if your game passed their tests?
I can give you a hint now actually. It will be a simple physic-based puzzle game featuring something like 50 or 100 short levels. I'll have some more details later on. But I do know I'll be charging only $1.99. So it will be cheap. Since this game will be made fairly quickly, I think I'll have this game out in 3 or so months, which means I'll have more details fairly soon.
Right now I am testing out some physic engines out. Going well so far. I also recently just finished an initial simple level editor that I am using with this game. I am making this short game to help test out this level editor as well as get used to this physic engine. Both tests in this single game will help me later on in in bigger projects I have in mind.
Thought people might like this, I added a new Game Mode.
This new game mode is called "Endless Mode." What is Endless Mode? Well, it actually is similar to the other main modes in the game, except this one features no levels and an never ending supply of enemy ships. With no levels, each enemy ship is just slightly stronger than the one before it. This also means each enemy when destroyed will reward a slightly higher score and money amount. With no break between levels, since there are none now, as well as no bonuses, you will have to stay on your toes after each enemy ship is destroyed. With the slight change to gameplay, you will need to think of new clever ways to stay alive.
The main first map, Space Station 001, I end up getting to like 120 destroyed enemies before I am overtaken. I find it to be quite a challenge to get farther and farther.
Wow, I'm not a huge fan of Tower Defense myself, but Art Style and Music in the Trailer make me want this game. It looks amazing.
One of the Bases remind me of Astroids and another reminds me of Missile Command. Two of the only games I've always been terrible at. Hopefully having Tower Defenses will give me the edge I need. =)


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I'm usually not the type of person to play tower defense games, but what intrigues me about this game in particular is the sheer simplicity of the art style, the game design, and of course the music. But what also strikes me is the way how the different resources you buy can start to resemble very beautiful looking shapes.
Actually, I think I saw your thread on IGN awhile back, and did post in it, and was interested back then. Still interested today. :)
Yeah, the Moonbase map does remind me a bit of Missile Command. I think I might actually include a new weapon type in the post-release that gives you a laser-missile type weapon on the ground to be used again the ships in the air as a kind of homage.
Anyways I have a new developer's log for anyone that wants to read it:
Been a long time coming... But the new content/DLC/etc finally arriving tomorrow, Thursday June 11th!

You can see what is all new in the above links.

But quickly, new content is:

60 FPS Gameplay
New Game Mode,
4 New Maps
Online Leaderboards
Miiverse Posting
New Bot Weapons
New Enemies
and more.

Really hope people enjoy the new content. :)
Yeah. I spent a LOT of time to work on improving the game to get it to where it should be. I'm really proud of the end result. Feedback so far has been really positive. So that makes me happy.

The Europe version of the game will most likely be releasing sometime in August too.