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I don't want all the Olympic conversation to end up in the CT, so here's your platform for discussion. I know what I care about most is Hockey.

What do you care about (and can someone post a Hockey schedule - I'm too busy ESOing).

I'm going to open this up with a spot of levity, and love for this country I call home:


Because we know what being inclusive means :)>-


“Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?”
So I went to grab the hockey schedule and see if there were any streams for events. CBC is streaming everything, but with Mediahint on it wasn't available in my region.

That's got to be a first: something available only in Canada over the internet. I love it.


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Incoming wall of text where I gush about winter sports even though my true allegiance is with baseball!
I went out for sushi yesterday and they had a TV set up by the bar. They were showing speed skating at the time and the Netherlands was just KILLING it! I can't wait to see Snowboarding even though I heard Shaun White isn't there this time around. I'm also excited to see what Evgeni Plushenko has planned for figure skating. What can I say? I'm a fan! XD
As for hockey, my wife's from Canada, so the U.S. vs Canada matches will be a HUGE deal for us again, especially since we'll be watching together in the same room as opposed to over a skype call like we did in 2010. It was really hilarious because the broadcast in BC was at the same time as the one here in Cali, but obviously we were hearing two different versions of the commentary.
That said, I'll be wearing my Kings jersey and she'll be wearing her Canucks t-shirt on the 20th for the ladies and we'll just have to see what happens with the guys. My wife tells me she wants to watch Canada vs Russia if that happens too. I think it has something to do with a "friendly" hockey match between Canada and Russia that happened a while back. *shrugs*
Anybody catch that Canucks vs Flames brawl that went down last month? I didn't get to see it on TV cause the local stations don't cover the matches that have nothing to do with teams from the states, but a youtube channel I'm subscribed to mentioned it and I found a video clip! Here's a link if anyone wants to see.


“Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?”
lol Canadian girlfriend.
Sorry :p

Yeah, that brawl was crazy! And I'm definitely looking forward to the Canada US matches too. Always great Hockey.


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I wish you could meet my girlfriend~ My girlfriend who lives in Canadaaaaaaaaa~~
I'm a sports fan AND a theater geek, look out! XD
I don't think anything will ever top the U.S. vs Canada match from Vancouver 2010, though. That game was SUPER intense! I think I scared all my neighbors screaming obscenities at the television. I lived in a much smaller apartment back then ^^;


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So far the biggest thing I've taken away from this olympics is that Biathlon is pretty fun sport to watch, despite being a huge olympics enthusiast this is the first time I've actually watched the sport but now it's on my must watch list.

Other sports on my must watch list: Speed Skating, Bobsleding, Figure Skating, Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding (all types), and I'm probably forgetting a few other sports as well.

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“Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?”
Jesus christ that video was offside. Not only to watch, but to imagine the Onion having the clout to film it.


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So US has 15 medals now?

Russia done caught up well. Germany's doing alright for itself.

Proud of those colorful motherfuckers

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Hoooooooly crap that was a good game, Canada v Latvia. Their goaltender is nothing short of unreal.
Indeed. During lunch hour at school, all of the TV's had the Gold Metal game on. When Canada won the whole school was cheering! Even the teachers and principals. It was awesome :O
Holy shit this gold medal game is intense.


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I mean, what an upset!
I also won an icon bet on IGN over the Canada / US semifinal in mens :>