Order your own NE T-Shirt!

Hey everyone,

I'm putting together an order for some NE shirts so we can show off our colors around e3. While it's nice to have some representation at e3, why not show off our colors all over the world!? So in that spirit, I've attached an order sheet of all the shirts we have available to order if you'd like to order one of your own.

The prices listed are base price, meaning no mark-ups and they're in CAD $$. Take into consideration we'll have to add on shipping and handling which in my experience is roughly $5 in North America. For now I'll be handling the orders taking payment through paypal until we get a proper shop going on the NE front page.

To place an order just send me a PM with
- The name of the shirt you'd like
- The quantity of each shirt
- The size of each shirt
- Your address

I'll confirm the cost of shipping to you afterwards and send you my paypal information to proceed with the order.


Hey everyone,

I'm placing another shirt order soon. They ship anywhere in the world so let me know if you'd like one. If you check out the NE youtube page you can see the staff wearing different ones (check E3 and Nintendo Nation eps).