P.N.03 Gamecube discussion

So many years ago, during the gamecube days, I bought myself alot of gamecube games, and I bought a copy of P.N.03 which I still have to this day. And I had alot of fun playing it.

When I first played it, I found the visuals in the game to be really nice, it looked so cg like. But as I passed the first few stages, following along with the story, and reaching the outside desert stages, I will admit, the graphics in that game, looked so close to cg in some places, that even I was a bit stunned, at the visuals in this game. I know that RE1 and RE0, were some of the most visually incredible games to look at on the gamecube, but this game was definitely one of them.

The gameplay was really unique too. You move through huge stages, attack bad robots, firing laser shots from your hands, and using powerful super moves to destroy them, while at the same time, evading and strangely enough, dancing while attacking them. I think the dancing moves, were one of the things that sets this game apart from other action games, and really added a unique style to the game too.

And the music in P.N.03 is amazing, and really worked well with the atmosphere, of a futuristic abandoned city, on a robot/mech infested desert planet. The music composer, really deserves a round of applause for making the P.N.03 soundtrack. The same goes to the people who did the graphics, programming and everything else to make the game.

I will admit, the game could have been better in some places, but what they released was more than good enough. Even I was surprised, that the game was so underrated. But I am glad, that I have this game gem in my gamecube collection, along with RE1 and many other games.

Okay, the last time I played this game, I unlocked and upgraded all of the suits, got the Blackbird suit, except the Papillon suit. I still have to unlock that suit, but getting a professional ranking can be tough. Lol!

So has anyone here besides myself played P.N.03 on gamecube?
And what are your thoughts on it?
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it is a very repetitive game, the music is not very varied and the lifespan is rather limited. But graphically the game offers an original atmosphere, sometimes cold but which gives off something unique.

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Wow! I forgot to reply.

Yeah, the game might be repetitive in a sense, but even a game critic like myself, found this game to be rather interesting. Concerning the music, I would say that it definitely fits the entire atmosphere of this game well. Strangely enough, some of the bosses you fight have cheesy sounding rock music though, so the music is a bit varied in a sense.
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