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Wow has anyone played this new game for the Switch yet? I have never played a paper Mario game but when I
Saw pictures of it online I thought wow this looks neat. I might be getting it possibility. Anyone else have thoughts or have experienced it???


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Wow. I know the game is pretty new having just come out lets see about a month ago so im not surprised that not too many people know about it.


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My daughter and I have both been playing it. It's a really lovely game in almost every way. It looks great, as you'd expect by now with one of these games. The dialogue is not only hilarious in places, but also rewarding for long-time Nintendo fans (I've caught references to Breath of the Wild's rain while trying to climb, and the Mario Kart 8 Luigi death stare meme amongst others). The gameplay is mostly benign and quite engaging, but there is one aspect of the battle gameplay that makes me rage like nothing else in recent times. It's had me asking "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!" a few times already. I wonder if anybody knows what I'm referring to and if they've had the same reaction?


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@Juegos Sorry for not seeing the mention. Apparently TNE doesn't email notifications to me anymore or they are in spam.

@Atomic77 how you enjoying it so far? I'm definitely having a great time with the story, level progression, puzzles, toad finding, and music. But the battle in the game feels unnecessary. The lack of meaningful reasons to fight other than coins (which are already everywhere) makes me want to avoid them. Boss fights are a fun time though.


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Wow has anyone played this new game for the Switch yet? I have never played a paper Mario game but when I
Saw pictures of it online I thought wow this looks neat. I might be getting it possibility. Anyone else have thoughts or have experienced it???
I apologize for the belated response.

I am looking forward to your thoughts on the game, as would personally considering myself the biggest Paper Mario fan from the forums here.

For fun and insight I also wanted to share some history behind the series.

To date there have been 6 games in the series, of which can be divided into two styles of gameplay; the original three games (Paper Mario, Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door, and Super Paper Mario) fell into the "Pop-Up Storybook theme" while the three newest games (Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Paper Mario Color Spash, and Paper Mario: The Origami King) fall into the Papercraft Puzzle theme.

N64.The first game was simple but charming JRPG for the N64 (Paper Mario). The series was originally created as a spiritually successor to Super Mario RPG after Nintendo falling out with Squaresoft in the 1990's, and retained the series iconic "Action command" system. Using a "Paper/Storybook" theme, the game was able to establish a unique visual style for itself while also bypassing many of the limitations of the 64, while also setting the framework for some of the future games in the series.

The sequel (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door) for the gamecube was an improvement on the original in almost every regard. The gameplay and graphics were still based on the paper/popup story book theme, but the focus was on the refinement of the RPG mechanics and the story telling. (My personal favorite in the series, and the one many fans recommend)

The third game (Super Paper Mario) for the Wii was where the series started to mix up the gameplay, but still retained the themeing and story telling of the original games. A hybrid of the the 2D Super mario series and (some of) the RPG mechanics of the original 2 games, SPM told an interesting story, but primarily focused on moment to moment platforming and micro-puzzles.

The fourth game in the series (and arguably the most controversial) is paper Mario: Sticker Star for the 3DS. The game was originally intended to return to the JRPG design of the first two games, but after repeated veto's from Miyamoto (who was cited as wanting the game to do something new and 'fun') the game was scrapped and re-designed as a puzzle platformed with a limited turn based combat system (It retained a simplified version of the action commands from the original games, but removed ALL other RPG elements). The game also removed almost all unique NPC's and did remove ALL partner characters; opting instead to "standardize" the series look using Toads and the "Papercraft" aesthetic and include 'Things' (real-life objects in a paper world). From this point on, Paper Mario was about Papercraft and not a storybook (although later games did have more story added to them.

The fifth game in the series (Paper Mario: Color Splash) played a similar role to TTYD in that it took the same design as its immediate predecessor an improved it. Color Splash was a Papercraft Puzzler that improved on sticker star in almost every way, except for the combat which functionally remained the same (and was arguably its weakest point). Dialogue and story snippet were also VASTLY improved.

The Sixth game in the series and the one you now have (Origami King) is the latest. I have not finished the game myself, but from what I have played it has the best dialogue and story since the series departure from being an JRPG, while the flaws combat system has from Sticker Star and Color Splash have been replaced with a new ring/puzzle system (personally I despise it, but it objectively better than the previous systems)

PS: If you have a wii U you can check out the original Paper Mario on VCON, and if you want to play a game similar to the Thousand Year Door i highly recommend "Bug Fables" (An indie game meant to replicate the originals) on the Nintendo Switch or PS4


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The boss combat is more enjoyable than standard combat IMO, but the entire combat system is still vastlly inferior to the original turn based system the series started with. I wish that they would either return to the original combat system or throw turn based combat out entirely in favor of a live one. Keeping it turn based but not including any of the mechanics that made the originals great does not do the game any favors.
My little brother is playing Paper Mario The Origami King right now, and he is actually enjoying it really much. I only played it once, and you know, it was looking really nice. I got some flashbacks from my childhood when I was playing a lot of mario games. I really like the fact that my little bro enjoys this game so much. It is a really friendly game for kids, just like my brother. When I was playing it, I was wondering if it is possible to create a gambling app for . I mean, it would be a really nice idea.
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Aye, that is good to hear.

Unfortunately for me, I haven't played any Paper Mario games yet. I still haven't played the one on the gamecube, called Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Old Door. I hope to get a copy of it soon.:eek: