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Hello everyone, let me introduce my game studio to you all. We are PawByte, a team based in Chicago with members and contractors stationed accross the world. We are currently developing a farming RPG for the Wii U called Agriduel. Agriduel is a story based farming adventure where you play in a world similar to Harvest Moon, however; from the side-scrolling perspective and you engage in quests and competition in order to advacne the progress of the game and your farm.

If all goes well, Agriduel should come out before Zelda Wii U.

In other news, we are also working on a Game Engine called the Game Pencil Engine, which to sum up is a mixture of Unity3D, Game Maker and App Game Creator. On Monday April 27, 2015 we released the engine into the wild. You can find more information about thanks to at .

Please give the engine a try, since Agriduel development is paused until the tool goes from public alpha to public beta.

Thank you for all of your support.

More information coming soon.


The Architect
Sorry for the uber late reply. You made this thread in the middle of the cyber attack and spam threads so I ignored it thinking it was another fake user account. My bad.


Hey... It's a me! A custom title!

Is this game still in development?
I'm sorry to ask but a lot of time happened.

I'm making a video with all upcoming Wii U releases, so if you have new screenshots or footage of the game it would be awesome.



Hey... It's a me! A custom title!
Thanks for your reply!

Sadly I'm not able to join the program, but I will add your game in our list of upcoming games.