Playstation 5

Most likely gonna get one in 2021 when a few games drop for it. Resident Evil 8 is probably the game that'll push me into getting one. By then Deathloop, Kena and Ghostwire will hopefully all be out by then.


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PS5 looks nice, but the games I've seen on it so far, are a bit lackluster, and not that impressive. The same with the games on the new Xbox console. Except for the new Rachet and Clank game. That game looks really cool though.
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PS 5 is a really strong thing and there are a lot of games to play on it. But I think that we should wait until the new games appears, because the console have a lot of power and its potential is really huge. You can check on for the new games which will appear soon and find out where you can preorder them with a low price. Idk if there are true gamers like me, but I am sure that everybody like cool sales especially for the games. So it's a good lifehack if you don't want to spend $150 for a new game.
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