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Well I have'nt been on here for a while, do lets end March with a bang!!

This is a discussion about Pokèmon. You can say anything about it. (ie fav Pokèmon, fav move, fav type, fav game/spin-off/gen) And you guys can give F-Codes to battle!
Also, what type of starter do you usually use?
I grew up with Blue/Red/Yellow and Silver. Countless hours on those masterpieces.
After that, I gave up on the series, too many Pokemon to keep track of, too many required HM's. I did buy Soul Silver, but was when the introduce all the new ones, I gave up at that point cause I didn't know what I was doing anymore.
I did however play Black, since they started fresh with a new batch and just focused on them. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
I do half want to give X or Y a go, but again, the amount of Pokemon I know vs. the amount I don't, scares me.

edit: Always chose a different starter personally
I grew up with the first 3 Gens, Sapphire being the last Pokemon game I played. I did however buy Black Version late last year for the heck of it, to sorta see what the series is like these days. Maybe I'll pick up X or Y some years down the road too. I'm not a pokemon nut, but it's definitely a legendary series.
I didn't really become a Pokemon fanatic until the DS iterations showed up. The fact you could now trade for critters online and battle other players really enhanced the longevity of my experience with Pokemon.

Currently I'm having a blast with Pokemon X. I've done almost 200 link battles. I'd love to battle members of Nintendo enthusiast.

My FC is 1461-7199-4510


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I began playing Pokemon with Pokemon Red. I still remember how much I loved that game as it was the game that I played the most on my Gameboy. Pokemon Red was quickly replaced with Pokemon Silver though. I had full intentions of buying the game myself as a kid and was saving some money on the side for purchase, but I was surprised one evening by my dad arriving home from work with the game in his hand. I suppose he heard me talking about it so much. Although I loved the 1st and 2nd gen of Pokemon games, Poke' fever didn't really hit again until the release of Pokemon X and Y. I began playing Pokemon X in February and was instantly reminded of why I began loving Pokemon to begin with.


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Been rockin' out Soul Silver lately. I'm going to be slowing down on it with ESO launching, but god damn do I love Gen. 2


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Pokemon and I go back.

I liked Red/Blue, but I wasn't crazy about the series until after joining IGN forums many years ago after reading the "Pokemon of the Week Girl" (or something) on the main site. These articles were about the strategy of battling. She was a good writer, but a poor battler.

I became part of the Pokemon community, which was huge at the time. This was during the Ruby/Sapphire era. I learned there that people could battle online using IRC chat bots.

There were no pictures, just text, but you could battle. All pokemon were set to max stats, and it was very easy to test different teams and strategies. I was hooked.

I still have a hard time getting into the games. I prefer just to battle online.
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