PokeGod MewThree is now a reallity!

It's probably going to be a new forme for Mewtwo judging from the movie commercial, but I guess it's possible... it'd just have made the commercial very misleading. (Because it said something along the lines of "Mewtwo's true power") I still think this is great because it's all but a confirmation for Mewtwo to return to smash brothers.
One thing I find personally funny about it is the design for this resembles a design I made for a "Mewthree" back in grade school. (Which was a long time ago) I drew a comic for it that was basically forcing DBZ into pokemon (there only existed Gen1 so it's not as if the idea of "Pokemon that go beyond lv100 became Super" was impossible,lol).


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Absolutely amazing! I can't wait to learn more about this Pokemon! This could easily shape up to be my favorite legendary!