Pony and Fantasy Create-Your-Own-Adventure Roleplay


AKA FloppyPony. I am on twitter and facebook to :3
Yeah I do a lot of stuff guys :oops: So I am bored so I decided to make this thread to just tell you about my create-your-own-adventure roleplays I have on Tumblr and Facebook. They are open and free to join and we could do with more members. You will laugh so hard when u see the crazy characters we have already created so far! :D

Basically, how it works is I create a vote post with drawn picture options to demonstrate the choices you have for a certain topic. Each week it is a different topic such as hair style and facial features until we create the character for the story (we are almost done with design at this point already). Then we will pick personality traits and other such stuff before starting the adventure! The adventure will have a main pic and then text explaining what is happening and choices to select below so it is kinda like a text adventure. Feel free to have a look and join if you wish. We will be happy to have you :p See links below

(pony group on facebook)
(fantasy group on facebook)
(fantasy group on tumblr)
(pony group on tumblr)

there are even more stuff than this I do every week. being unemployed sucks! I am so bored all the time and I have waaaay too much time on my hands. :(Might as well do something cool eh? :cool: