Prime World: Defenders has been released on Nintendo Switch!

Prime World: Defenders is an exciting hybrid of Tower Defense and CCG with numerous tools for setting up your defense, a nice story to keep you entertained, mission generator, numerous monsters and bosses. The game is free to install!

Key features:
- > Numerous tools for setting up your defense:
24 towers, each with up to 25 upgrades, 13 magic spells, and a customizable cards deck!
- > Story-based campaign with 23 missions.
- > Mission generator = infinite replayability.
- > Several game modes, including heroic mode, New Game Plus, and two special endless maps.
- > 38 types of enemies, various bosses and mini-bosses.


When I saw the title Prime World: Defenders, I immediately thought, it had something to do with metroid prime.
But this game is looking good dude.:cool: