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The Wolf of TNE Street
I am looking forward to it. Unfortunately I don't have many monster designs fully fleshed out as yet, and those that I do I created more on a whim than anything else. That said, I do have a general idea for most of the monsters in the oubliette (And outside) and that is mutations, speciated hybrids, and weaponized enhancements. The key point to remember is that most of the monster in the oubliette originated either as a result of the great war or long before civilization rebuilt itself (IE nuclear fallout) and as a result are tend towards the intentionally dangerous design.

3ft lizards that spit napalm? Check. Raptor like mutations of common fowl? Check. Giant spiders that can be trained? Check. (Wouldn't @LightsaberBlues be proud?) Worms who secret acid in the form of their slime? Check. Stallions with claws and beaks? Also check. While there would still be a few entirely "original" monsters, the majority are from a story telling sense cultivated from existing life, albeit often in the most grotesque way possible.

With that said, there are actually many mutated monsters that run around on the surface unchecked. Whether by Man made mutation, traditional evolution, or a mix of both, many "monsters" did not end up as dangerous as some would have hoped, and have since become a key part of the regular food chain.
Looking forward to your monster designs then, if I can find it there was this book we got in our animation class that talked about designing memorable characters, maybe you can use that as a guideline for designing your monsters!


The Architect
Looking forward to your monster designs then, if I can find it there was this book we got in our animation class that talked about designing memorable characters, maybe you can use that as a guideline for designing your monsters!
That would be a welcome resource, please share it once you find it!


The Architect

The Paracycle is a hybrid between traditional motor cycle and aircraft designs to create a multi-purpose rapid deployment vehicle commissioned by the Steamlords for use outside of their airships and on the job. (Though various forms of the Paracycle are available for licensed users who are not affiliated with the Steamlords)
The basic design of the Paracycle is similar to that of a modern-day Sports Bike, however the sides of the vehicle bare four retractable wings (Similar to that of a Locust and Dragon Fly) that can be activated at any point in which the vehicle is in motion. Likewise, the Paracycle sports a powerful compact jet engine its lower back and a Void Core embedded its front chassis. Additionally the Paracycle sports a two mechanical arms that fold under the handle system which can be used to hold equipment or weapons (One such piece of equipment being an electric rod)
The Paracycle essentially function similarly to traditional motorcycles in most regards; capable of speeds of up to 260 kilometers per hour, high maneuverability on turns, and rapid acceleration. Unlike traditional motorcycles however, the Paracycle can activate its rear engine and deploy its four wings during high speeds in order to go airborne for a limited time. During its flight mode the Paracycle can exceed 400 kilometers per hour, while at lower speeds it can perform far greater acts of agility. Unfortunately, the flight mode also drains the fuel of the Paracycle extremely quickly, meaning it can only be airborne for a few minutes at most.
The Paracyles are typically used by Steamlords who have been stationed in a region for an extended period of time as a form of transportation and law enforcement. Due to their mechanical arms and flight capacity they are capable of traversing certain regions much quicker than traditional small vehicles and allow their users to react more readily to various scenarios. (In some cases it has been reported the electric rod mentioned earlier has even been used for jousting)


The Architect
The Synthasizer

The Synthasizer is a gun that uses compressed chemicals instead of bullets as ammunition. It gets its name from the fact the all of the shots fired by it are synthesized on the spot. The cartridge for the gun is fitted with multiple slots for different elements and chemical mixtures that can be used in the main barrel, while the side of the gun also contains a small furnace to produce heat and pressure for the various effects needed.

Depending on the chemicals loaded in the gun, it can create a variety of effects such as Freezing Shots, Acidic missiles, Fireballs, Tranquilizers, Explosive reactions, and Smoke screens; likewise each magazine can be fired directly without mixing for more specific effects if the proper compound was loaded.

Shots from the gun can also be altered as the leave the nozzle at the end of the gun, ranging from simply projectiles, streams, or close range blasts. However, because these shots are not solid they lack the ability to travel long distances or “Punch” though stronger metals.

(Currently it is unknown which group or characters will use this device)