Pros And Cons Of Packaging In Nintendo Land With The Wii U Basic Set


Since Wii U launched, sales wise, it has not been doing as well as it could have been. Many have attributed this to the lack of exclusive or new titles on the platform, the lack of a Wii Sports caliber title, the lack of marketing coming out of Nintendo's marketing team, and questionable bundles. In fact, I'm going to soon publish my own take on the situation at hand in an editorial that encompasses the state of both the 3DS and Wii U. Well now, the latest information from our source purports that there is some resolute discussion at Nintendo about releasing a Nintendo Land Basic Set SKU during Q4 of 2013 (likely this Holiday). This is some interesting information indeed, but what could this mean for Nintendo and gamers alike?

Characteristically, the answers to this question are many and while this rumor is yet to actually prove itself to be true – and probably won’t until perhaps E3 2013 or the holiday season – we drew our own conclusions on what's likely to come of this and, quite frankly, the likelihood of this rumor actually happening is pretty high considering that changing plans shortly after launch has been a activity Nintendo has been repeating since the release of the Wii. So, what if Nintendo decided to pack in Nintendo Land with the Wii U Basic Set? What good could come out of that? What miseries could occur?

Early Adopters Get Benefits

Like with the Nintendo Wii when early adopters of the Internet Channel got their Wii Points back and were able to use them on other software in the Wii Shop Channel and more recently with the Nintendo 3DS when early adopters were eligible to download 20 free games from the Nintendo 3DS eShop exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program, perhaps the trend will continue with the Wii U Nintendo will show early adopters of both sets their appreciation of investing in the Wii U at the time they did. A ton of Virtual Console titles? Perhaps we'll get a free download code to an upcoming title worth $59.99. Whatever the outcome, free Wii U games are definitely welcome." width="630" height="59">Certain Early Adopters Get Thrown Under The Bus

Nintendo isn't a perfect company and, in this case, might put themselves in the attitude where they feel they are overcompensating for their early adopters. In a scenario like this, Nintendo might feel like they only owe it to Wii U Deluxe owners – which is probably the majority of Wii U early adopters anyway – and may not compensate for the early adopters of the Wii U Basic Set. Perhaps things are worse and go the other way around or maybe there is no compensation at all, especially if the price cut is only slight. This is unlikely, but certainly a possibility.

The Wii U Deluxe Set Gets A Price Cut

If they pack Nintendo Land with the Basic Set, then this would probably the wisest option for Nintendo to take unless they Nintendo really believe that the digital deluxe program and all the accessories that come with the Deluxe Set are worth the extra $50. However, things get tricky in this scenario. A $299.99 Wii U Deluxe Set would be detrimental as that would degrade the Wii U Basic Set to the status of complete impracticality. Cutting the price of the Wii U Deluxe Set only by %5 percent would be more ideal, but that would create some difficulties with the decision to compensate for early adopters. While cutting the price only in half would probably disable early adopters from getting a free game worth $50 - $60 and instead enable then to download a bunch of Virtual Console titles, Nintendo might instead be more inclined not to fully compensate for any early adopters since it was not a significant price cut.
Not bad

Wii U Basic Set Gets A Slight Price Increase
This may not necessarily be an entirely negative outcome as buyers might find that packing in Nintendo Land with the Wii U Basic Set worth the extra cost – because they did with the Deluxe Set – but generally, if you're claiming that things are about to change for the better come Q3/Q4 of this year, a price increase isn't what most people have in mind.
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It Prints Money

Maybe Nintendo is looking to execute plan "Make The Nintendo 3DS Succeed", and cut's the price of the Deluxe Model to an affordable setting, packs in Nintendo Land with the Basic Model, and releases an adequate amount of system selling and quality titles during quarter four of this year, therefore, more than likely making Nintendo some of that green. In this scenario, Wii U sells well and is profitable. This is probably what's things are likely to come to, but maybe Wii U doesn't need a price but rather just needs the right games.
It's Wii all over again, but in the positive way.
It Eats Money

Perhaps packing in Nintendo Land and selling the Deluxe Model at a loss since there was no lower affordable selling price wasn't their ideal situation, but that's what it took. Perhaps Nintendo overestimates the Wii U and the power of fixing their bundles and the pricing of those bundles while releasing the right games and misses their one shot chance at making a turn around for the better and doesn't release a slew of quality titles. It's definitely a lot of of 'maybe's', but the Virtual Boy did exist.
Iwata is not amused.

What do you think of the possibility of packaging in Nintendo Land with the Wii U Basic Set? Think it would be a good idea or a bad idea? Maybe Nintendo should just drop the basic bundle all together.


I call this damage control, and Nintendo has had a lot of experience with it in the past.... Though I'm not sure how packing in Nintendoland with the basic Wii U setup is really going to help Nintendos sales.... I AM EXCITED THAT THEY MAY BE DROPPING THE PRICE ON THE DELUXE SET! IMO dropping the price of the Wii U in general would be a smart move on Nintendos part.... Gotta do something, right....?


ECE 2018
Putting in Nintendo Land with the Basic Bundle is pointless. If you ask me, all they have to do is stop manufacturing the Basic Bundle and reduce the price of the Premium Bundle by $50 and do a little bit of compensation for early adopters. That's all