Pub Master Quest - JRPG coming to WII U 2015

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Hello everyone, we don't really have much time so I'm gonna get straight to the point.

Square Enix is holding a fundraising event called Collective. The way it works is that the game that gets the most votes gets some minor help from Square and then gets put on Indiegogo for the actual funding raising part.

That's where the actual gaining money part comes in but right now it's all about votes. We need to generate enough YES votes in 1 day UK time. I haven't figured out when it ends during tomorrows but theres time.

Main Page here:

Important Updates here(Must Read):

So let me give you a brief about what the game is about cause the bigger scope is in the link above on the Square site.

Pub Master Quest is a series that draws it's inspiration from the roots of classic FF games.
PMQ - Portable Knight is JRPG that sets you in the dying world of purgatory where you must traverse into the core of the planet using the powers of Phantom to defeat the grotesque evil that resides within it. For if the evil is released from it’s fetal cocoon it will oppress hell from the deepest voids of darkness upon the world. But is that the only evil that really stands in your way of getting a second chance at life?

The game takes a heavy influence from the style of the art and storying telling of FInal Fantasy games. I've been of FF for a long time and I’m sure that long time fans of the series will feel right at home when they get their hand on PMQ.

I've carefully played and reviewed what people love about Final Fantasy for the past 10 years. PMQ is set to be a long series of games. Whether they are set to be Nintendo exclusives is up to Nintendo but for now I know it's time to finally deliver this series as best we can with the help of Nintendo,Square and the gamers.

(These are not the official models, I drew these up in PS)

I'm really interesting in hearing the peoples thought before and post the voting phase. So with that said please drop a yes vote but also if you have any questions or want me to explain a little more on the game or something that you see in the update section then just fire away.

Post it here or on the comment section on the Square Enix page, although I would prefere here cause I feel it'll be more easier to communicate here cause I don't know what happens if we lose the competition.

Somethings to also to throw up is that a PC,IOS, and Android version will be coming along too and hopefully a 3DS version but we'll see ;)

But for now I leave you with some art of the most recent artwork, more can be seen in the links above.

It's all cool man, but actually I'm the one handling the art. I kind don't want to talk a lot about art cause I kinda had to go through the same thing for almost 2 pages on the IGN forums. :\

But honestly having to mange a game, the team, focus on school and life. It can be really hard to get into the right mood to draw but I still do it cause having to pay for an artist to draw my characters would take to much money and it just doesn't feel fair to me.

We're finally at the stage where all we really need is 3d artist. We have everyone else but once we have that we can start moving forward. But already I can see things will be expensive so hopefully things work out.


ECE 2018
Oh ok, that doesn't surprise me. The IGN Boards are rather...hostile and cynical, almost like it's a full-time career

I understand. Getting an artist to do it for you may not be what you want to do

Well I hope you can find a competent 3D artist, man, and I wish you luck on developing the game properly
Thanks man, and yeah it was really hectic back and forth over there.

But in all honesty I would like to hire an artist if are budget is right to do some nice promotional art like how the other games do. I don't really like to do anything else besides Concept art so I would like to find someone who can do things right ;)
I found nothing wrong with the art...? Well, the faces could be better. But anyway, this game looks nice, hope it all goes well for ya.