Question about researching resident evil on nintendo

i been researching about did they ever made a version on nes what i got out of it was that it was rare licensed game, it was lost, or it was inspired if you know the anwser i want to hear anybody's answer or opinions on this matter.
by the way i have new nes classic and i put custom rom games on it and i wanted to see if they had resident and evil found a file for it i have i been playing it on my moded nes classic new also it's preloaded games


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There was a version of Resident Evil 1 for the Game Boy Color. I think that's the lowest the series has gone in terms of graphical power.


All mods go to heaven.
Interesting. From what I gather, that's a Chinese bootleg, definitely not an official Capcom game. If you play it, let us know if it's fun.


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This thread caught my attention.
A Resident Evil on NES? Bootleg or fanmade, all I can say is, wow! That is impressive.:eek:
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