Real Gamers Play Battlefield 4 - This Game Is Awesome!


My gosh, now I have to get this AND Titanfall. I'm getting Battlefront vibes from BF4 which is really good.

SO many quality games coming out in 2014. Anyone else planning on picking this up?
These small gameplay videos from actual gamers beat anything I've seen so far from BF4. Will preorder once I come up with the money.

CoD can suck it.
I am only getting BF4 if it comes to Wii U [-(
EDIT: Oh crap! I didn't see this wasn't the Wii U board #-o
If it was coming to Wii U in a non-gimped form, I too would buy the game twice and get it for Wii U. Guess, we'll see what becomes of this topic in 2014.
There's something special about jumping out a helicopter and sniping your opponent with incredible accuracy in mid air.

Regardless, SWBF2 and Republic Commando will always be my goto shooters.

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