Really awesome new VGM Piano Cover Channel.

Hey Nintendo fans! I've been following this pianist and composer on YouTube who covers classic VGM music (Lots of Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy and even Chrono Trigger). He posts some cool original game music as well. It's a pretty new channel, but he's been posting awesome covers every week. One of his newest covers is the Peach's Castle theme from Super Mario 64. It's super classy!
This got me so hyped for Odyssey! He's also done pretty beautiful covers of Hateno Village from Breath of the Wild and Secret of the Forest from Chrono Trigger. Just wanted to give a shout out to this guy because I love his stuff and feel like he should get more support. :)


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Interested that you posted this now, I was just compiling a list of Nintendo VGM cover artists for an article. I'll be checking out his channel for sure.