Remember when Iwata said....

Is satifying Wii U owners still a priorety for Nintendo....

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“We can’t talk about the NX. If we do, competitors may take our ideas and customers won’t be surprised. This would not be beneficial for the company or its shareholders. The NX is new hardware, and will start from 0. However, the 3DS and Wii U have install bases. Immediately cutting off software for previous hardware upon the release of a new machine is inefficient. We will continue making 3DS and Wii software while preparing for the NX. We are prioritizing satisfying customers who purchased the Wii U.”

I only ask because, with Tatsumi Kimishima behind the wheel, do you think satisfying Wii U customers is still a priorety for Nintendo leading into the NX launch...?

If not....

If Iwata was still alive, do you think it would be...?



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“We can’t talk about the NX. If we do, competitors may take our ideas and customers won’t be surprised. ”
Was that an actual quote? For fuck sake Nintendo I don't want to be "surprised" with gimmicky new ideas, we have had enough of that. We want a straightforward gaming console with improved standard controls and a strong library of games.

In fact, If they still really want to surprise me at this point, dropping all of their gimmicks would be the biggest surprise of them all.


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no, nintendo isn't considering wii u owners anymore, the last bone they are throwing us is that a version of zelda wills till hit the system, though I am sure priority has already shifted to NX version. I am fine with it though, it sucks, but what else are they going to do? Keep supporting a failing system, or kick off their next system right? It isn't virtual boy bad... hell I have gotten my moneys worth with mk8 and splatoon alone... everything beyond that has been gravy for me.

as far as Iwata goes... I think there has been too little time between his passing and now to say that anything we are, or are not, getting would be any different if he was still around.

The ONLY area where I feel that things would be different is in some of the promotion... like the e3 plans, I have to imagine they would be different, or at the very least that Iwata would not have announced the horrible news like it was.

he might have also fought for zelda to come out this year, as well as the NX.... but there is no saying whether that would have been the right move... as the delay can allow for a healthier launch... but even that is just a maybe in my book, I could just as easily have seen him delay the game and system as well.

so in short..
No, Wii U owners are no longer being considered
that is fine, a change had to happen, and it wouldn't make sense to consider them any longer.
The only thing I can imagine Iwata would have done differently is the E3 plans, and even then, different might just have been not announcing how badly the plans suck.


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Perhaps when this was said, Iwata thought the Wii U could still continue, but now? No way. Nintendo would rather prioritize the older yet more successful 3DS than continue with the Wii U.

That being said, the fact they are still brining Zelda to the Wii U does I think at least show they care enough about Wii U owners to continue with development on it.


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Was that an actual quote? For fuck sake Nintendo I don't want to be "surprised" with gimmicky new ideas, we have had enough of that. We want a straightforward gaming console with improved standard controls and a strong library of games.

In fact, If they still really want to surprise me at this point, dropping all of their gimmicks would be the biggest surprise of them all.
different ideas doesn't always mean bad, it also doesn't necessarily mean revolutionary or new, it just says their direction, and they have reason to be secretive, past precedence proves its a prominent path for preventing plagiarism.

lets consider some of nintendo's innovations besides recent ones like motion controls.

horizontal controller design - now industry standard
d-pad - now industry standard
diamond button layout - now industry standard
shoulder buttons - now industry standard
analog sticks - though they didn't invent them, it was a dead tech, and they brought it back for 3d, and now it is industry standard

even motion and many of the touch screen concepts they developed for the DS have been whole sale ripped off by smartphone games, and EVERY system has some form of motion control now, not necessarily standard but there... and hell, it is even making a comeback with VR

even off TV play... that local streaming tech has also started to get into everything.. look at how Sony uses it, or look at the success of Chromecast, and second screen experiences for TV watching, and smartphone apps that tie into existing games... most of that stems back to nintendo revealing the wii u tech... they didn't invent the tech, they just showed some new possibilities with it, and it rippled through multiple industries

so yeah, precedent says they should be secretive... because in the past they have actually been beaten to the punch with their own ideas... sega for example took advantage of nintendo delayiogn the n64 after the controller had already been seen to release a controller for the saturn which included analog BEFORE the n64 came out, but significantly after the controller was revealed. On the flip side, we saw how MS and sony were late to the party ripping off the wii because Nintendo kept it so close to the vest.

just saying, even if what they are doing isn't that innovative or different, they have very good reason to be paranoid about letting the details out too early.

Also, I think that a new nintendo system that doesn't offer something new and different is boring... I just don't want them to feel obligated to tack it into every possible experience regardless of its usefulness in said experience... but I mean, consider it... snes had all of those effects like mode 7, very distinctive and different, added cool stuff to many experiences, was best when it wasn't overused... the gamecube used the analog triggers and digital clicks in really cool subtle ways... while waggle got annoyign on the wii, IR aiming was f'n awesome, and waggle did work in soem experiences too, like zack and wiki, boom blox, and of course wii sports, let us not pretend that wii sports bowling was anything BUT the best party game ever... it wasn't limited to gamers only, you could drink, and socialize between turns, it was perfect at a party. Then we come to nintendo's biggest console flop... the wii u... the overuse of a second screen experiences was bad.. but off TV play was FUCKING AMAZING, and I cannot imagine going back from it now... the true step forward from that is a hybrid, a true portable that can also play on your TV and give you a full console experience (including multiplayer)... if nintendo had focused more on that, more on stuff like games where each player has their own screen, or just where a single player could switch between the TV and the gamepad at will (so annoying when games cannot be played this way.. like lego city undercover, I would have played the hell out of that game if I could have done so while watching TV... but the combination of the horrid load times and required full immersion meant I couldn't just sit around with the TV on running around the city finding every last secret, before switching to TV for story missions and such.)


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If he was alive, I honestly don't know that he'd be doing things any different than Kimishima from what we can see.
yeah the only thing I think would be different was that he wouldn't be all "let me unload some bad news, deal with it" he'd control the flow of the bad news and/or apologize and throw in a "please understand"

the bigger effects might be felt later on.. remember that games are in development for years, so there is nothing on the horizon that Iwata didn't have his hands in, and that includes NOT putting enough games in development for Wii U


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@theMightyME My main concern is that Nintendo sees gimmicks as the standard now. I am all for innovation, but innovation for innovations sake is simply bad design; and even that's when the standard expectations are already met, if they are not covered to begin with then the gimmick gets in the way of everything else.


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No, and in my opinion, it's not fine.

The situation now is like this:

Nintendo sells Wii U.
Fans buy it.
Wii U doesn't sell enough.
Nintendo kills Wii U and says that the successor will be out in something like 12 months.

Of course fans that bought it weren't forced to do so, but killing a console one year before releasing the new one? I've never seen anything like this. I know that all consoles have had bad last years, but what Nintendo is doing is ridiculous.

Many Wii U owners will not support NX because of this, and after all those years where Nintendo became a niche Japanese gaming company, it's going to be hard to convince the general audience to get an NX too. So how on earth NX is going to sell more that the 13m that Wii U has sold?

Nintendo already has zero mass appeal after all this situation. Nintendo isn't even considered in the current generation industry any more. Dropping Wii U only makes the situation even worse.

If Nintendo can't support a current console and the new one that is going to come out next year, it means that Nintendo doesn't have enough team force and resources to keep itself in the business.


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To be fair, Odo, what do you expect Nintendo to do? The Wii U is a commercial failure, so continuing to support it much past the NX launch or before is about as sensical as trying to drive a car without any brakes. You can keep going, but it'll become more dangerous as you continue to do it. Better to duck out early and find yourself a new set of wheels that can actually take you places.

And as far as the NX goes, I am not bothered about the 2017 launch, especially if it means more games will be ready. That is nothing but a good thing in my book.

At this point, it is better for Nintendo to drop support for the Wii U and focus their resources on the NX where it is most needed. No sense in supporting a system that won't get any better in terms of sales really.

And it sucks. I know. I used to say that Nintendo should just ride it out, but it's not going to work this time. To be fair though, I've been saying 2017 for the NX for years now, and low and behold I was right. Most were expecting 2016 because of the Wii U's troubles, but if the 2017 launch means a more finished product with more games, again, the better decision I think.

Nintendo fucked up with the Wii U. It's as simple as that, so here's hoping they'll remedy that for the NX. We won't have any clue what the future has in store until it launches next year if it was the right call.


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To be fair, Odo, what do you expect Nintendo to do?
Two options:
  • Support both Wii U and the new line up for NX until it comes out next year.
  • Release NX this year.

If they can't release NX this year because they have no games to show: that's a bad excuse and that means that probably NX has no reasonable third party support and even though they haven't released many games like Metroid and Zelda so far (meaning they're developing for NX), they still take too much time to develop for NX. So they're in a bad shape.

If they can't support Wii U this year for they have no resources to do so because of NX: that's a bad excuse too. Same problem. They can't keep it up.

If Nintendo needs to drop Wii U to have enough time (1 entire year, maybe almost 2 because last year wasn't that good either) to be able to support NX, that probably means that Nintendo expects to support NX alone again. So NX is just Wii U 2 and Wii U 2 will not save them.