Report : Nintendo is going mobile


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This news took everybody by surprise as it was't expected at all. Besides, Iwata has always been adamant that Nintendo would not develop games for mobile platforms. Forget all that : Nintendo is going mobile, and big time !

Nintendo will team up with a big mobile Japanese player named DeNa. The partnership will allow DeNa to develop games on mobile platform with Nintendo characters.

This is a developing story, we're still getting new details. This is the biggest move Nintendo made since entering the home console business IMO. I commend Iwata for having the guts to do it despite being on record he will never do so.

Your thoughts....

Other interesting points :

- There will be no ports ; all games will be develop specifically for mobile devices
- Nintendo is buying 10% of Dena, while DeNa is buying 1.24% of Nintendo. Same value of 182 million $
- There will be more announcement later this year
- This deal is not just for Japan, but no details year on which other counties will be involved and when.
- Nintendo and DeNa have started discussion back in 2010
- Nintendo received offers from other companies
- Iwata expects to share profits expectations from mobile games as soon as its next fiscal year projection
- Iwata expects to share more details about NX next year

Press conference ( from 32.20 min ) :

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