Rumor : Resident Evil 7 confirmed ?


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According to several french videogames websites ( including the 2 biggest : Gamekult and ), Resident Evil 7 has been de facto confirmed by Bloomberg Japan.

In an article, Bloomberg Japan was recommending investing in Capcom as major titles as Monster Hunter X and Resident Evil 7 are coming in the next fiscal year. The game will apparently be released after April 2016 and before March 2017.

The game will apparently be revealed during the Tokyo Game Show which will start the 17th of September.

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As someone who really only gives a shit about 2 and 4, I too am interested in what they decide to do.

Revelations 1 and 2 seem to be received well enough, but 5 and 6 seem to be...not what fans want.

After the (overall) praise of Alien: Isolation, and the amount of sadness over the cancellation of Silent Hills, I wonder if Capcom will see now as a prime time for a true return to horror.

Interesting indeeed.


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As @LightsaberBlues has said, I, too, am curios to see in which direction they take the RE franchise. While it's true that after RE4, the series has taken a major hit, it's still one of my favorite franchises in existence so I'm pulling for Capcom here.

I thought that the first Revelations game was a step in the right direction. The gun game was solid, as was the story. There were still some creepy moments and none of the bosses were too over the top. However, I can't say the same about the second game. While I haven't played it, I have watched a few videos and it seems more focused on the shooting aspects of the game, something that has plagued the series since 5.

Also, on a side note, I have been doing my replay of the series. It started back when the HD Remaster came out. I'm now on RE0 (Wii), struggling to get through it, after having decided to play it on the hard difficulty setting. Once I clear that game I'm on to RE2 (DC), RE3 (DC), RE:CV (GCN), RE4 (Wii or PC), RE5 (PC), and RE6 (PC). I have to say that I'm looking forward to playing both 5 and 6. I remember enjoying 5 when it came out, so much so that I got a platinum on the PS3 version of the game. I also remember not liking it as much as 4. Now, I'm very curious to play 6 since I last beat it playing local with a buddy and we were mad wasted so stuff that some people say is lame like the zombie T-Rex were cool to me at the time.
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But Resident Evil 7 already came out.

That aside, RE7 could be pretty interesting. Speculation could be very positive or very negative until we see anything from it.
Clearly, with the overwhelming success of Resident Evil HD Remastered, Capcom will have Resident Evil 7 be a more traditional survival horror game, going back to the roots of the franchaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sorry, I'd like to think that. But I can't even type it with a straight face. Well, I don't even necessarily want that. Just taking a break from the over the shoulder shooters they've done since 4 and trying something different would be nice. Maybe keep that with the Revelations sub-series if people still want it.

Though, anything with the franchise name will sell like hotcakes no matter what they do.
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The first Revelations game on the 3DS, like Aki said, was definitely a step in the right direction. That was more along the lines of a RE game I'd want to play. Not to say I didn't love RE4, because I absolutely did. But the two after that... not so much.

RE is a special type of game, and it's development and style deserve a lot of care and respect from its team. I know that franchises can evolve, but sometimes they can evolve away from what made them special and what the fans loved.

I believe that the backlash against the released games of RE5 and RE6 is different than the backlash MP:FF is receiving. One is based on experience and actual play, and the other is still based on speculation. I believe developers should listen to the fans post-release and potentially readjust going forward.