Samurai Shodown (switch version/DLC questions) and talk


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Question: So to anyone here who bought the latest Samurai Shodown game, if I buy the physical copy of the switch version of the game, (or perhaps the digital version on the e-shop,) do I get all of the DLC characters/seasons for free, or do I have to buy all of these characters/seasons seperately?

Fun questions:

Any old school Samurai Shodown fans here besides myself?
And who are your favourite characters? And most hated characters?

My favourite characters are Haohmaru, Hanzo, Galford, Nakoruru, Charlotte, TamTam, Cham Cham, Nicotine, Charlotte, Ukyo, Rimururu and of course Genjuro.

My story
I played the first 2 games in the arcades when I was small. Moreso the first game which is my favourite. It really was a different game, from the usual Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Fatal Fury games back then, and it was always exciting to see the moves each character had, and who the last boss of the game was.

After Samsho 1 and 2, I wasn't impressed with the later games, and like alot of gamers, lost interest in the series.

But overall, Samsho is a really good fighting game series.
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Samsho was the SNK fighting game I played the least back in the day for some reason. I was always a KoF kind of guy, though I did play the Last Blade quite a bit. I was too bad at fighting games to play them well against other people, though.

The new Samsho looked interesting to me but I just haven't been able to put Street Fighter V aside, so I can't really answer your main question. I'm all in for KoF 15, though.


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It was my favorite game to play at the bowling alley as a child when my parents were in a Saturday night league. I do feel like it has held up as well as Street Fighter 2, but I still have a lot of love for Samsho. My favorite characters were Haohmaru and Genan Shiranui. When the new Samsho goes on sale for Switch I will probably buy it. Not really big into fighters these days, but it would be good for nostalgia.


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So famous Samsho 1 boss Amakusa, makes a surprise appearance, and is the new dlc character. It makes sense since this games story, takes place before part 1 and he was the boss in that game.

Now I'm wondering, who the next dlc character is?:oops: