Satoru Iwata year on legacy


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So its been a year since the tragic passing of my favorite executive producer.....Satoru Iwata.

Now I already posted everything about this man in my blog so if you want to know my thoughts and my sadness, you can see it here.

After a year, I still miss him and so far, Kimishima-San isn't able to replicate the same charm that Iwata-San had.

A lot of people claim that he wasn't meant to be a CEO and to them I say screw them. They weren't aware of how this guy single handedly saved Hal from bankruptcy and Nintendo during their declining times.

Even the Wii U wasn't really his entire doing at all. I really respected every decision he gave finally in the end despite how people ranted towards those decisions such as not making games on Mobile and such.

He left all of us so soon and he was the only one that always put a smile in my face......I can't believe he's gone now as I always want him back.....

I personally miss him. I always wanted to be interviewed in the Iwata-Asks....but that is now too late I guess.


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Iwata was amazing as he was unique. He personifies everything that is Nintendo. He embodied the very soul of that companies values. Those values are why I continue to buy their products.