So who's body is ready for Animal Crossing New Leaf?


@mattavelle1: I just bought some turnips, how does this whole thing work? I understand how it works in my game, but what do you guys do? Come to my town and check prices or check prices in your town and then have me send them to you?
So you bought turnip congradulations! Now what to do with them?

Well it works like the stock market. You buy at a certain price, and you wanna sell at a price higher than what you gave.

So starting tomorrow you will check retail everyday finding out what the turnip prices are. Sometimes there low, sometimes meh, and sometimes high. Your looking to sell on the high days making you the most money.

So as many of us have the game your turnips maybe worth 80 bells one day were mine maybe worth 300 apiece. You would want to visit my town and sell your turnips for the most value.

This in a small nutshell is how it works.
found out sending garbage and rotten fruit to villagers makes them move out. I have neither and I have a couple of unwanted that have got to go. So if you have any garbage, just send that my way, I'll pay you handsomely.
Played every Animal crossing to date, this one is the best to me. But i have 3 siblings who have grown up playing animal crossing, and only i have a 3ds. But its always fun sharing a village, especially if you are the mayor.
Dream suite such a waste of time.
btw who else hear skips a game day at least once a real day?
I've only time traveled once and that was to keep my time at a certain time to have others over and sell turnips. I am often barred from skipping a day because I play the Stalk Market.


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who else hear skips a game day at least once a real day?
I do, I often skip more than one day a week. I actually only started playing the game recently. I got it on launch, started it, and then shelved it due to my schedule.