Star Link Battle For Atlas should have been Star Fox


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From what I can gather, Star Link Battle For Atlas has completely bombed on PlayStation and Xbox One, and has done "ok" on Switch. Over 80% of sales in the UK were reported being on Switch. I have never seen the game trending on Amazons best selling videogame sales in the US, France, UK, or Germany. Basically, there is little reason to believe this game has sold even 100k on both PS4 and Xbox One combined. The game released in mid October, and even on Switch it only ranked 6th in the best selling Switch games chart. Diablo 3 came in at 5th despite only a couple days of sales for that reporting month. Diablo released on November 2nd, but that was still part of the last week of Octobers reporting. Two weeks versus two days and Diablo beets out Starlink.

This game has been critically celebrated. Its not a bad game, and its a much better game on Switch thanks to the Star Fox content. However, its still not a Star Fox game. There is pretty much no money to be made on PlayStation and Xbox with this game, its a total bust. The toys to life scene is dead, and Ubisoft is way to late with this one. Amazon and other retailers already have this game heavily discounted at retailers. Expect an eshop sales after Christmas that sells this game with all DLC for no higher than $60, and possibly much lower. This is a monumental flop for Ubisoft, and that sucks because they were greenlighting a project that actually brings something new to the table.

As soon as Ubisoft decided to work with Nintendo to include Star Fox content, the game development should have completely morphed into making this a full blown Star Fox game. The game in itself wouldn't need a massive overhaul to do this, but simply being marketed as a brand new Star Fox for Switch would have garnered much more attention from consumers. I do think that some changes would have been needed to make it truly a Star Fox game, but they had a great foundation to build from. So at the end of the day they have a game that totally bombed that could have been a million seller Star Fox game instead. Perhaps they can salvage things by selling the game digitally for a bargain price for years to come, but as of right now this one was a disaster that could have been avoided by doubling down on Fox McCloud.


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The toys to life scene is dead, and Ubisoft is way to late with this one.
I think that might be the bigger deal, tbh. Maybe this really does do a lot better if it's launched earlier on Nintendo with Amiibo. But I can't imagine anyone ever really saying "Y'know what I really want? Ubisoft toys." Hell, even Disney Infinity couldn't really gain that much market traction. This idea was probably doomed from day one.