Super Mario Maker 2 - Level Sharing


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Super Mario Maker 2 has arrived! And it is pure joy!

In this thread, feel free to share any levels you've made.
Make sure to include your course ID and a description of the course.

We'll be happy to play them.
Likes are appreciated.
As is constructive criticism.

Happy Making!
I do plan on picking this up one day. I never bought the first one but with the addition of co-op on the horizon I think I have too. I've been wanting online co-op in Mario games since the Wii U days. That said, I'm excited to just have more Mario levels to play.

When I do get it I'll be sure to try your stages first SJ


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Thank you @BobSilencieux and @CitizenOfVerona!

I enjoy the creativity of making the levels. My biggest goal is to be fair to the player. No cheap deaths. I also want to design courses that are aesthetically pleasing and well-themed. Just because we have everything at our disposal doesn’t mean I need to use everything on each course. But in the end, I want people who play my courses to think “That was fun!” or “That was unique”.


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I really enjoyed getting the world record on the Toadette speedrun level in particular; there was already a pretty competitive time set. I also got the WR on your fun time drive course but the ghost house level was too impenetrable for me to really break it down and go for WR. Overall, very good levels offering 3 very different experiences from each other, which I guess is one of the hallmarks of a good creator.


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I loved the first game. I'm not so much into the Creator aspect (which is fun, just not something I'm driven to do), but I really like getting to play basically an endless amount of 2D Mario. Sure, some levels you play online are stinkers, but there's enough goodness here that I can drop a couple of hours on any given day playing random levels.

That said, I'm probably waiting a bit before getting this one. I'm excited about the tag and search features for finding levels, and of course the co-op, but I'm not in a rush to get it just now. Probably even just a 15% off sale will be enough.


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I had to take some mental me-time last week, so I didn't create much... or play much.

But here is a new level.
Bowser's Boss Fight Bonanza

Beat the baddies, get the keys, and get out!

Because it is a pink key level, you can't put in a checkpoint. So apologies for that.
I had never made a level where it's just you versus rooms of bosses. I tried to make it fair that you could go back and get a mushroom if you chose to do so. I try to make all of my levels as stylish as I can.

Hope you enjoy!
I did enjoy! (Getting the world record)

So I made a level. It's my first ever Mario Maker level (technically 2nd, but the 1st was just a practice attempt) so I'm sure there's a lot I could have done better, but it is what it is.

It's supposed to be a light world / dark world level but I don't think it's immediately apparent that the sub world is a reflection of the main area; that's something I could have done better.