Super Mario Strikers for Switch?

Am I the only one that would really like a return of Strikers on new gen?
The different team captains along with the multiple team members with their own stats and "ultimate ability" led up to such creativity from the players. Each captain gave a unique energy/personality to their team.
Added to that was different stages and items that created hazards. These hazards would create new straregies or way of playing out the match.
Finally, this game has some of the best designs/esthetics for Mario characters I've seen.
This game was just overall a great game and it would be really easy to update with new characters and items. Does anyone agree?
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I never played the first strikers game but I remember hearing that it was really good.

As far as the Mario sports games I’m waiting for the next Mario Golf and a true successor to Toadstool Tour for the GC