The chat widget Spot.IM doesn't want you to know about!


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Well, not really, but check out this chat widget I found!

-can connect to a irc channel to expose TNE to a whole lot more members, and keep chat active
-can talk to everyone using the simple widget embedded in the page (No need to learn any IRC stuff!)
-no converting media links to huge ugly images, or tiny videos that just slow down the page

-You'll have to make a new account for the widget. Though if this chat widget gets adopted maybe we could talk with the dev team like we did for Spot.IM?

-Does it work on phone?
-How good are the admin features?

When I showed this to @Menashe he said If you guys like this widget we can switch, so please give it a shot and let me know what you think.

You can find the demo I set up here!


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This widget's kinda dumb, and the dev team doesn't respond as much as it should, and might have even stopped development on it.