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How you folks doing?


I have been galavanting about on the twitters and podcastifarian scene but wanted to check in with everyone.

As usual it's been wild and crazy out here. A butadiene plant blew up about 9 miles away and shook my house to the point where I thought a tree fell on it.

big one.jpg
Oh, it's time for our quarterly apocalypse in South East Texas!

The 2nd explosion the next day I got to see video of from Rowdy5000 (the cohost of our podcast Lamer Gamers) with the text underneath saying...

So, after that they decided that it was time to evacuate around 60 thousand or so people within a 4 mile radius. Rowdy5000 went a few towns over and I brought in a family of 5 that needed a place to go. I mean, when you have posts going around Facebook like this which have some actual validity to try to find a place with any sort of friend of a friend of a friend's family.

city level.jpg
These tanks are made to release pressure before exploding but the few that have exploded had massive explosions...

Thanksgiving was pretty good. We had more than enough food for about 25 or so people so I was able to send home our family friends back with a ton of food! By the way, in case you are wondering, a 3 year old can't destroy a Ring Fit Adventure controller. That toddler of terror definitely tried.

Totally accurate depiction of toddler entering our house.

After the fire at the plant was "contained" they lifted the evacuation order. Now this is not the same as extinguished. It just means the fire is burning and they are letting it just do it's thing. This seems like a bad idea but it's actually safer because it essentially burns up the chemical and keeps it from being released in it's original form. The smoke that it's releasing isn't exactly the best thing for you but it won't kill you instantaneously like the chemical itself will. So for now...there is a massive fire burning but everyone is mostly safe...mostly.

Hopefully everyone's Thanksgiving went great without all the explosions!

On a side note, our podcast has finally gathered over 1500 downloads and we're looking to move to a weekly podcast release! If you haven't checked it out here are some graphics I put together for a recent podcasters meet up that shows goes over what our cast is all about.

press sheet 1Artboard 1.png

press sheet 2Artboard 1.png



White Phoenix of the Crown
I have 335 Pokemon out of 400 so far. And I'm just about to the Pokemon Finals, so it looks like I'll still have some to find post-game.
I'm so glad they reduced the number of Pokemon in this game. Instead of just making sure to find all the new ones, I feel like 400 is a small enough number to finish out the pokedex completely. The only other game where I've finished the full dex was Pokemon Let's Go Evee and that was like 150, so this it me putting in a lot more effort. But with the Wild Area, it makes finding and catching Pokemon so much more fun.

Loving Pokemon Sword so much!
I always thought how different would Pokemon be if each game was completely stand alone. I stopped playing after Silver as a kid and never played one until Black, which introduced a new batch of them and that was it until post-game or trading, and I really like Black.

I know each game is pretty easy to get into, I don't need to know all 800+ to enjoy Sun and Moon for example, but I wonder if I'd be more interested/invested if each game focused exclusively on their own new ones until post game or trading.

Either way, I'm sure I'll get Sword or Shield one day. I still need to play the rest though. Still only played Red/Blue, Silver, Black and Y
I played some more Killer7, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I like the gameplay well enough even though it seems repetitive. I think my biggest issue is the story, I just don't get it. Games like Silent Hill, No More Heroes or Nier Automata also have a lot to unpack and analyze if you're into that sort of thing, but they also tell a good story if you don't want to dig deeper. Killer7, I just don't know what's going on. I know some stories have twists that come out of left field, but every scene in this game seems out of left field. I'm not that invested overall. The scenes or characters I do understand I'm just not into. The last couple of scenes were honestly pretty fucked up, and I don't think I'm in the correct head-space for that sort of thing.

Usually I dislike not finishing games that I sank a few hours into, but I'm not sure if I'll finish it. So instead, I started a new file of Bayonetta and holy shit this game is still something else. I started a new file months ago but stopped just shy of the first boss, but this time around I'm just in love all over again. It got some iffy design choices like off-screen enemies, or being hit nanoseconds after a cutscene finishes, or quite possibly the worst implementations of QTE's ever (I swear I hit that gosh dang Y button game, don't tell me otherwise) but it's just a load of fun.

Perhaps after a few days away from Killer7 I'll play it again, but it's not really grabbing me like No More Heroes or Shadows of the Damned.

First Killer is Dead is unplayable, and Killer7 ain't clicking. Shame, I wanted to explore more of Grasshopper Studios' history.

Oh well, at least Bayonetta's soundtrack is fantastic.