The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Was Released One Year Ago Today!


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As of Today, it's been one year since--my favorite game of all time--Skyward Sword was released in North America! Here's some Q's to help us celebrate:
What are you doing to celebrate?
I'm going start playing the Hero Mode!
What did you think of the game? And what score do you give it?
In my opinion almost everything about the game was prefect (story, gameplay, music--loved how each character has it own music, and art ), and the M+ (best combat I've seen in a game) pushed the game to my all time favorite!
Favorite character?

Groose, or Fi.
Also since SS has some of the best VGM ever, what's your favorite music from the game?

Mine are (they change weekly):
Ballad of The goddess:
Faron Woods:
Sailing the Sand Sea:


Nice thread.

And sadly I havent played my copy at all. I have been waiting for WiiU to come out till I play it, so I will be getting on this game soon


I think this thread has inspired me to play it again while I wait for the Wii U to arrive in this part of the world.
My reply shall be similar to this thread's sibling on IGN Wii U Lobby, a masterpiece! I've enjoyed the hell out of it, and I had started the game up and had started another playthrough to celebrate. Once again, Happy Birthday Skyward Sword!
What are you doing to celebrate?
I would love to replay it but simply don't have the time. Need to finish NSMB2 before NSMBU comes out.

What did you think of the game? And what score do you give it?

It is my all-time favourite game. I consider it in a genre of its own following such a revolutionary control scheme. I gave it 10/10. Visuals were breathtaking, storyline was great. The split up world design didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.

Favorite character?
The Old Woman

Also since SS has some of the best VGM ever, what's your favourite music from the game?
I don't know, loved the entirity of it. No single bit of music stood out as any better than the rest.


The general consensus by users via user ratings and reviews seems to be that Skyward Sword is the worst 3D game in the franchise.

However, my view is contrary to the majority and I think Skyward Sword is the best 3D Zelda in the 2000s period (i.e. superior to both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess) although not being in the same league as the series greatest home console games of Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past and Majoras Mask.

I also think the soundtrack as a whole is particularly underrated.


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I'm still on my first play through of this game. I think I'll be done sometime within the next couple of weeks. So I'll reserve final judgement, but I have been enjoying the hell out of it, even while on a meta level I can see there seems to be some stagnation and problems with the series in general (including unreasonably slow starts). I haven't played a 3D Zelda since the days of Ocarina of Time, so I'm definitely not burnt out on the series at all (which is good for me, because the series seems to have strayed little from its Ocarina formula). I have also experienced enough at this point to want to see motion controls as the future of Zelda (and other action adventure games).

But a few quick comments:

- Love the motion controls, even though there's definitely a lot of room for future improvements. I'm not even aware I'm using them half the time, it's become so second nature. They don't work quite as perfectly as some have suggested, but they work well enough. The Beetle alone is just amazing (and near flawless in my experience). I've had the most problems with the sword itself (sadly), 85% of the time it works all of the time! But I do find it's difficult to move it into place quickly enough for the execution of certain striking angles so that an enemy's guard is not able to adjust before you deliver the strike, yet the placement movement itself does not register as a strike. Certain angles the game seems to have trouble with more than others. I am quite certain this is not a coordination issue on my end.

- The game looks really nice. Beautiful art-style, everything is smooth (sure the occasional odd angle can show some roughness, but those are rare and in my experience not main viewing angles). That said, I'm playing it on a modest sized SD TV, and I wonder if a lot of the complaints I saw weren't coming from people playing the game on larger HD TV's.

- Very nice sound track (most memorable title track in a long time from a Zelda game). A lot of good songs, but one that stuck with me recently was the Lanayru Sand Sea music. Simple, ambient, yet very effective at conveying the feeling of a region and its inhabitants all lost to time.

- The items you find to unlock new sections of the world are really creative and fun. I don't know how they stack up against some of the recent entries in 3D Zelda games, but they are definitely more interesting than the ones I remember from Ocarina. With a more flexibly interactive and destructible environment (at least in some open sand box area) they could almost be a distracting side game in and of themselves.

- The world's are definitely segmented, but it seems to work anyway due to the fact that the world sections and lead ups to dungeons are designed to be extensions of the dungeons themselves. You're basically always in a dungeon on the surface world, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Neat.

- Fi. Um, yeah. She's about as fun as the signal that goes off when your car door is left open, or you leave your headlights on. Way too much hand holding. And those incredibly annoying prompts if your hearts drop below a certain level (really, I need an alarm for this? this is a game where there are no consequences to dying - although maybe that is what the designers were rectifying on the sly, players are expected to keep their hearts at a certain level so they don't face the consequence of another annoying prompt, similar to the consequence of being subjected to that lecture when you leap off of Skyloft from the wrong area).

- The richness of the world has tapered off a bit losing some detail as the game goes on - some of the areas I just went through seemed a touch spartan and lacked variation, and the last boss I fought was poorly conceived on an artistic level. I wonder if there weren't some deadline pressures at work. Hopefully that's just a bump in the road.
I'll probably play the game again over Christmas break. I think it was a great game but it didn't quite engage me as much as other 3D Zelda games. I didn't have any huge issues with the game but there will plenty of tiny ones that add up. I'm hoping a second play through will change my mind.


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"solitanze" wrote: The general consensus by users via user ratings and reviews seems to be that Skyward Sword is the worst 3D game in the franchise
That always happens with the release of EVERY Zelda. Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess were treated the same and are now held to higher regard. I guarantee that the next Zelda will be seen as the worst Zelda and everyone will act like Skyward Sword is a good, great, or one of the best in the franchise