The Official Nintendo Enthusiast 3DS Friend Code Thread


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It's fairly straightforward, if you're interested in playing with others in this community, just post your 3DS Friend Code in this thread. Perhaps mention what games you play online as well
Feel free to discuss or arrange online matches, or even post while playing if the game doesn't support that already!

So I'll start us off.

FC: 1504-5866-9989
Regularly played online games: Mario Kart, RE:Revelations, Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Looking forward to seeing you guys online!


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I can't believe we don't already have this thread!

FC: 3093-7232-9656
Unfortunately, I don't yet have any multiplayer games... :S (But add me anyways, k!)


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I've added everyone in here just now, sorry for the delay. I should find some time for MK7 around Christmas time, and I might pick up Kid:Icarus then as well. Pretty late picking it up, is it still worth it? Is the online still active?

@Dark: I love that your favorite title is "Health and Safety Information" haha
I'm looking for people to add. My FC is 2406-6463-6818. I play Mario Kart 7 and Mario Tennis Open online. I will have Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for the 3DS in February.


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Sweet! I have the game ordered and soon on it's way. I should say though, that I probably won't get round to playing the multiplayer for a while. The multi is apparently pretty good fun though, so I'm sure we'll sort something out at some point! Also welcome to the boards! :)


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I'm going to bump this up and post mine in here when I get home from work.
Maybe one of the super special moderators would be able to create a handy summary list like they did for the NNID?

(and just as a thought, now that both systems have NNIDs (thought it is mainly for the eShop on the 3DS), do you think Nintendo will get rid of FCs on the 3DS and only use NNIDs?)


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With as amazing as the 3DS is, I'm shocked there aren't more people on the boards with one or more discussion surrounding the 3DS.
My FC is 1461-7199-4510

The only online games I own are Mario Kart 7 and Pokemon X. I could use some more sparring partners in Pokemon X as I'm always up for battle.

Let me know if you've added me and I'll add you back pronto.


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My friend list is a little low, so I could always use some people.

My FC is 1006-0347-6435. If you've added me, mention it to me and I'll return.
I've just started playing Pokémon (X) and Animal Crossing (New Leaf) after a long time (years) of not playing these games. My
My FC is 1203-9491-0382

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I've added everyone on this list, but god knows how many of them are still around or still on their original 3ds (as well as they're built).

I only have Smash atm, but i've just noticed the post-christmas sales have begun here, so give me a couple of days and i'll have an armful of titles.