The official Thread of Saving you Money! {Discount Codes}


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Ok well this thread is all about forum members helping save each other money!

If you know of any discount codes/special offers going on on any website that you think may be useful to any of the members here then post it below. What you should include are;

  • Discount offered
  • Website it relates to
  • Specific URL if required to obtain discount
  • Discount code to be entered at checkout
  • Rules/Specifications on qualifying for discount
  • If the code is region specific [If your not sure just say your originating country]
The last one imo is important, not that we would think your misleading any members here but it is better to be honest and forthright.

My reason for creating this thread is basically Lootcrate have started taking orders for their new Deluxe crate and having never tried lootcrate I was thinking of diving in, but as it is pretty expensive I was hoping someone would know of a discount code/offer I could use.

I will also list below some codes I have, that I do benefit from, to share below.


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Codes that I have;

Subscription service that sends you 8 or 10 bottles/cans of beer to your house every month including a snack and magazine with articles about craft beer, the beers in your box and breweries.

Subscription service that sends you coffee how ever frequent you like ground to your own specific needs, they also do pods for nespresso machines.
  • £5.95 towards your first order
  • MARK-K44NQG [Use this code in your sign-up]
  • Sign up, get money off your first order, basically a bag of fresh ground coffee to your style for £1, can cancel at anytime
  • Offer available in UK
  • You get £5.95, I get £5.95 too!
Everyone knows graze :p
  • Get your 1st, 5th and 10th box FREE
  • Sign up for the subscription snack service, can cancel at anytime
  • Offer available in UK, may also work elsewhere as it doesnt state a monetary value
  • You get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free, I get £1 towards my next box
Recipe kits;
Recipe kits that include 4 recipes, each recipe has 3 spice pots and the instruction card on how to prepare the meal. Some real amazing dishes to be cooked here. Just get your kit, goto the market and get your fresh ingredients then cook up a storm. I could not recommend this any higher, the recipes can be amazing for things youve never cooked before, give you new ideas on how to cook and be healthy at the same time.