The Score: Are You Sold on Hyrule Warriors?

After all the reveals for the game I'm incredibly hyped for it. The chronic problem with Dynasty Warriors is the amount of repetitive gameplay. Hyrule Warriors looks to remedy that problem with an abundance of items, characters, and enemies. Looks awesome!
Well I'm only sold because of all the Zelda characters you'll be using...and hopefully more are hidden for us to discover...but it's a Dynasty Warriors game at heart...which I have not enjoyed much yet...

Still..I'm buying it just because of that...because of the Zelda characters. So thanks to all the character reveal trailers...I'm sold!
YES,im sold. Already have it halfway paid off on a pre-order. Im hoping this sells well. I imagine if at least a million copies sell or close to it, they might extend the life of the game by adding DLC characters. Im hoping at least but if not, im fine with what already been announced.


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To be honest, no, not really. Regardless of how many Zelda elements they incorporate in the game, at heart, it'll always be a Dynasty Warriors game and I myself just haven't enjoyed any of the Dynasty Warriors games. Not saying they're bad or anything but they're not the kind of games I enjoy so I think I'll be skipping this one


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It looks good, and I'm happy that Nintendo is donig more and more collaboration projects like this, but I'm not thrilled about the game myself. I'll probably end up getting it eventually.
Yes... even though I'm not a Zelda fan (yet). It seems to be good hack-and-slash fun, but in truth I'm way more hyped for bayonetta 2, so it's not going to be a day one buy for me