The universal beauty of Gaming


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Stole this from Reddit, but it was just such a cool little story, I had to make a thread about this.

We talk a lot on these forums about how we are all Gamers, and why we just love to game. But it's more than simply saying we are Nintendo Enthusiasts, we are much more than that. We are all individual people who have different experiences, different ideologies, different looks, different challenges in life, and even different gaming tastes. But if there's one thing I've learned over the course of the last several months, playing online with many of you (You all know who you are), those things simply do not matter when we are gaming together. We for that period of time just set aside any differences we might have, get online, chat about what's happening in the game, provide our own commentary and usual banter, and even give each other a hard time once in awhile.

For many of us here, we have all become great friends even though we haven't met each other in person, but it still doesn't change the fact we interact with each and everyone of us as if we were all at a Pub or Bar, having a drink, and just going about the good times we've had. This is what playing video games online can do for us, especially if we make the conscience effort to stay in touch, which if TNE is anything to go by, we'll all be here for awhile.

So the next time someone says video games don't do anything to benefit someone, refer them to this thread and that photo. I can guarantee you they will shut up about it from there on out.


It truly is a universal language. I was talking too @Mr-Chris the other day in the chat and he was playing the Mario & Luigi RPG talking about how much he enjoys it. I don't like RPGs as many of you know but it didn't stop me from saying "man that's awesome glad your enjoying it". He came back and asked if I had played it which I said no, I'm just excited to see people playing games very much enjoying there hobby. He laughed and was like yeah I guess that's right and it didn't stop him from recommending it to me which was totally cool.

To see the "war" go on should truly be dishearting for people of our hobby. It should not be degraded to these feelings toward one another. Even @FriedShoes when he posted about a guy who said "fun shouldn't be a factor in judging a game". WHAT!?! Why else would we game, or game with one another if it wasnet fun to do so?

And that pic up there is awesome. That young fellas is having a blast with his knight in shining armor, should make us all feel good that this cat is being brought into a whole world with others without feeling outta place from his real world disabilities.
Awesome post Shoulder! You put it well there and Matt making a awesome post as well. It makes me think that anyone can enjoy a game in the same way anyone can enjoy a movie, you just have to find the right one(s). It also annoys me when people go and have these thoughts like "I can't possibly have fun on a Nintendo console!" and I'm like hey, shut up I bet 100% you can. I too hate the console wars, I really do, I just want to play some games!

Games are pretty accessible and everyone understands that in a platformer you'll probably jump through obstacles, so games are easy to understand though not in every case of course.

Games can do a lot for people, like the story above allowing Jason. Games give us enjoyment, relaxation, social interactivity and to some meaning. I love that games can make us interact with all these different worlds some crazy and some realistic and for that I am thankful. I hope gaming lives on forever!


Your Resident Beardy Bear
This is why I made this thread, so we can talk about the good when it comes to video games. Actually, @mattavelle1 I think we may have another topic to discuss for a front page article. I want to keep this thread alive and hear different people's responses.