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Over on the IGN PC Forum there is this awesome thread, - The PC Freebies Thread - created and maintained by Alexaras1991 (kudos). I've benefited a ton from the thread and have gotten at least 20 games for free I otherwise would have missed due to it, so I figured I should spread the benefits to other parts of the web and make a similar thread here.

The idea behind that and this thread is for people to find and post all sorts of games that usually cost money (no F2P games), but are being given away for free for whatever reason. Obviously with game giveaways being a frequent thing on the various PC storefronts (e.g. Humble Bundle, Steam, Origin, GOG, and UPlay) the vast majority of these games will be PC games, but if anyone finds games being given away for free on other platforms feel free to post them here as well.

I'll start off with a few I know of:

I'll try to keep the OP updated with the latest free games that are posted in this thread.

Amnesia Collection - The Dark Descent & A Machine for Pigs (PC - Steam)
Dead Space (PC - Origin)
F1 2015 (PC - Humble Bundle Steam Key)
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I have such fond memories with Dead Space on PS3. Maybe it's time I give it a go on a different platform (still have my PS3 copy and did platinum it a while back).
Dead Space on PC is a mess of a port. V-sync on caps the game at 30 FPS (off gets me up to 1000 FPS on my GTX 960), and the game crashed and erased all my saves.


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Amazon is about to start giving away a collection of games every month to Prime members via Twitch starting March 15th.

Not really free per se since you need Prime, but if Amazon Prime is already a set sunk cost like I'm sure it is for many of us than it kinda is. Looks like they are giving away some pretty good stuff too (like SteamWorld Dig 2). Here is the line up for March and April:

  1. Superhot
  2. Shadow Tactics
  3. Tales from Candlekeep
  4. Oxenfree
  5. Mr. Shifty
  1. Tales from the Borderlands
  2. Dubwars
  3. Tokyo 42
  4. SteamWorld Dig 2
  5. Kingsway
Honestly between this and my Humble Monthly Bundle subscription... I'm kinda overwhelmed in PC games lol.